Rum’s Spring & Dungeon Bishojo Idle Game Now Available for Download


R&SGames, a Japanese indie game development team consisting of a husband and wife duo, officially launched its latest title, Rum’s Spring & Dungeon for iOS and Android devices.

This is a hack-and-slash RPG in which the protagonist, Yuina gathers her friends and dives into dungeons to save the sealed girl, Ram. She strengthens her friends with items and experience she obtains from the dungeons and dives ever so deeper.

There are many challenging elements such as the development of cute characters and box gachas using items that drop in dungeons, and the game offers Auto Mode and Auto Skip feature to help you quickly breeze through the content.

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Play At Your Own Pace! Auto Mode: Activate!

The concept of this game is to reduce the hassle to the absolute minimum and let the player enjoy only the interesting parts. This includes an option to do an auto-repeat up to 20 times and a features that allow auto-rounding and level skipping.

In addition, you can level up your character and strengthen your skills at any time. No rush!

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Boost Your Characters’ Strength!

For each character, there are two skill enhancements, and a limit breakthrough to increase the maximum level. You can also use the magic stones you get from defeating bosses in the dungeons to obtain artifacts with various effects.

There is also a feature called “Limitations” where you can set your own difficulty level.

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Generous Pity System in Rum’s Spring & Dungeon!

While the chance to obtain the highest rarity is 2%, from your 30th summon without any high-rarity cards, your chance increases, until topping out at a 100% for the 50th time.

Items needed for advanced summons can be found in the store for a daily fee, and also have a chance to be dropped in dungeons. Each character will use the same item, so there’s no need to farm for specific materials.

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