SKY FRONTIER Fantasy Battle NFT Online RPG Announced for Mobile & PC


BIGBANG announced SKY FRONTIER Fantasy Battle, a multiplayer-hunting RPG for smartphones and PC that is being developed as a play-to-earn online game.

The game features both a single player field mode and a raiding mode where up to 4 to 8 players can challenge the giant creatures. If you are playing alone in the field mode and find yourself in a crisis, you can send out a rescue request and up to four people can enter the field to fight together.

SKY FRONTIER Fantasy Battle

SKY FRONTIER Fantasy Battle Story

Hundreds of years have passed since the world collapsed and the laws of physics ceased to apply, and now the land has lifted into the sky and a deep sea of clouds has formed around the island.

The people who escaped the collapse and survived moved their living quarters to the floating island and lived in airships. However, each floating island has its own unique creatures and giant “Nushi”, and the inhabitants are frightened by these creatures and have to live without satisfactory resources…

Play-To-Earn Structure

By clearing daily missions in Field Mode and other areas, in-game currency that can be exchanged for cryptographic assets can be distributed and exchanged for each mission cleared, up to a set daily limit.

Non-stackable items that are unique to you can be lent out to other players. If a player earns in-game currency by using your lent item, a percentage of the profit (determined by you) will be given!

When defeating the Lord, you can obtain rare equipment and crew members in the form of NFTs. These can then be sold in the market. NFTs can also be converted into unique blockchain related currency by using in-game currency when making normal equipment.

SKY FRONTIER Fantasy Battle

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