Pokémon Legends: Arceus Final PV Teases Final Starter Evolutions


The Pokémon Company revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, which is set to release on January 28, 2022 exclusive for Switch. The trailer reveals evolutions of the three starters: Rowlett, Oshawott and Cyndaquill, that players can choose from when their journey starts.

While their second evolutions mirror their original counterparts, only a silhouette of their final evolution was shown. We can only speculate what they look like from those alone. Oh well, that doesn’t stop our imagination from trying to guess.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is set in a bygone era of the Sinnoh region’s history, when it was known as the Hisui region, long before the events of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and their remakes take place. The mythical Pokémon Arceus will play a major role in the story. The game is said to preserves the core gameplay of past entries in the main line series, which allows players to capture wild Pokémon in the overworld without engaging in battle.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Final PV

The Starter’s Second Evolutions

Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokémon

When Rowlett reaches Level 14, it evolves into Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokémon, who’s a narcissist and a clean freak. If you don’t groom it diligently, it will stop listening to you, for it is always grooming its knife-like wings, called blade feathers, to reliably pierce its enemies.

005 4

Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon

When Cyndaquill reaches Level 14, it evolves into Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon. It keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foe with flames.

007 1

Dewott, the Discipline Pokémon

When Oshawott reaches Level 14, it evolves into Dewott, the Discipline Pokémon. Dewott’s exquisite double-scalchop technique is likely the result of daily training, and it can send even masters of the blade fleeing in defeat.

009 1

The Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan

In addition to being home to the Galaxy Expedition Team, two other groups reside in the Hisui region: the Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan. The trailer also showcases the leaders of the two clans.

■ Diamond Clan Leader: Adaman
The leader of the Diamond Clan. He has Leafeon as his partner Pokémon.​
This daring young man hates to see time go to waste and likes to rush forward without worrying too much about particulars.

Legends Arceus Adaman Artwork

■ Pearl Clan Leader: Irida
The leader of the Pearl Clan. Her partner Pokémon is Glaceon.​
As a leader, she feels it is important to have the courage to face the vast Hisui region. Though she is suspicious when first meeting people, she will slowly come to trust the player thanks to the help they provide in quelling the noble Pokémon.​

Legends Arceus Irida Artwork

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