Key’s Prima Doll Mixed Media Project Gets TV Anime in 2022


The official Twitter account for Visual Arts/Key’s Prima Doll mixed media project announced that it is getting a TV anime in 2022. The company opened an official website for the anime, and in conjunction, a teaser video showing the cast and staff, as well as a teaser visual, were all revealed.

In the teaser visual, we can see the five girls on top of a house rooftop, with their city seen on the background. The five cast announced for the project will reprise their roles in the anime. Bibury Animation Studios is animating the series.


About Prima Doll

The project centers on autonomous mechanical dolls, or automata. They work at Kuronekotei, a coffee shop that sits at the corner of the fifth district of the imperial capital. However, they were originally made as weapons for a great war that ended a few years ago. Now, they have been restored and dressed in shiny kimonos.

The character designer includes Na-Ga, Fuji Choco, and mangaka Hara Yui. More popular artists will be revealed later. “Summer Pockets” director Kai and “Hatsukoi 1/1” director Tohya Okano are writing the story.

With the assistance of figure maker Kotobukiya, the project is created based on the innocent and moving wishes of the girls. The thoughts and growth of the characters will be expressed through various media under the theme of “songs and dolls”.

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Teaser PV

primadoll Teaser01
primadoll Teaser04
primadoll Teaser03
primadoll Teaser02

Cast and Characters

Haizakura – CV: Azumi Waki


Karasuba – CV: Tomori Kusunoki


■ Gekka – CV: Miyu Tomita


■ Hо̄kiboshi – CV: Yuki Nakashima


Retzel – CV: Akari Kitō


Staff and Production

Original Story: VISUAL ARTS, Key
Original Story: VISUAL ARTS, Key, Bibury Animation Studios
Director: Tensho
Series Composition/Screenplay: Toya Okano, Kai
Original Character Design: Na-Ga, Choko Fuji, Yui Hara, Yen Morikura, Lack
Character Design and Chief Animation Director: Akane Yano
Animation Production Studio: Bibury Animation Studios
Production: Prima Doll Production Committee

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