AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative Gets Story Trailer; Release Date Sets for June 24


Spike Chunsoft Inc. unveiled a new story trailer for AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, the sequel of AI: The Somnium Files. The developer also revealed that the game will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam on June 24, 2022 in North America and Europe.

In nirvanA Initiative, the story begins when the right half of a corpse was discovered. The left half was never found…until six years later, completely fresh with no signs of decay. Now, Special Agents Mizuki and Ryuki, along with their AI partners Aiba and Tama, are tasked to solve the bizarre Half Body serial killings while unveiling the mysterious plot known only as the Nirvana Initiative.

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative StoryTrailer

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Message from the Creator

A message from series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi was divulged by Spike Chunsoft, and he mentions that a lot of beloved characters from the first game will appear, and that whichever fan you are, be it visual novel, or just enjoy the Zero Escape series, he promises that everyone will enjoy the twists that he has prepared. Oh, and Date WILL appear. Worry not, he says.

Here’s the full message:

First, to the fans of AI1. Mizuki will have a huge role in this sequel. Iris, Ota, Mama, and Moma will of course reappear as well, and the energy of the previous title is still alive and well. If you liked AI1, then you’ll for sure be satisfied with the sequel. It was thanks to the fans that the sequel was able to be made. Thank you so much!

To fans of visual novels. This is a title that condenses the real thrill of visual novels. This game even has Somnium, where you can control the characters to navigate inside a dream (and other parts that we can’t say yet). The Somnium parts have powered up one level from the previous title! It’s extremely interesting, so absolutely check it out!

Lastly, to the Uchikoshi fans. Thank you for waiting. It’s a new work. This work, even compared to the previous title, has elements that will stimulate your critical thinking. Zero Escape fans will definitely love it. It is also a work I am proud of in the mystery adventure genre. One mystery calls for another mystery. You’re sure to get wound up in the storm of twists!

Dual Protagonists?!

In the trailer, we see Mizuki and the new character Ryuki dive together into Somnium, and we can also discern that this is part of their abilities. While this is pure speculation from my part, I’m pretty sure we will see a lot of puzzles that will require the player to maybe switch between perspectives to advance, as we did have such puzzles in the first game.

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