Goro Taniguchi’s Estab Life Unity Memories Action MORPG Revealed Key Visual & Main Characters


Square Enix announced that it is developing a new action MORPG, Estab Life Unity Memories, based on the Estab Life multimedia project created by Code Geass creator Goro Taniguchi. A new key art for the game and the main characters are also revealed.

The story of the project takes place far in the future. A time in the distant future. Where the world’s population has peaked and is on the decline. In order to ensure the prosperity of the species, humanity has created an AI to manage the ecosystem, and has carried out an “experiment in human diversification.

Apart from this mobile game, the project includes a TV anime that will premiere this April, as well as an anime film. The anime, game and movie is set at the same world, but follows a different timeline. The date of release of ESTABLIFE Unity Memories has yet to be announced.


Main Characters

■ Ash – CV: Gakuto Kajiwara


Ouka – CV: Kanon Takao


About Estab Life Unity Memories

The anime, Estab Life: Great Escape (Working Title), will premiere in April of this year on the +Ultra anime programming block on Fuji TV and its affiliates, and Crunchyroll will stream the anime outside of Asia.

The mobile game will be developed by Square Enix and will be called Estab Life: Unity Memories. Goro Taniguch is also credited for the original concept and creative supervision of the game, and SSF is credited with the original story.

Finally, the movie Estab Life the Movie: Revengers’ Road will be personally directed and written by Goro Taniguchi himself. This and the anime will both be animated by Polygon Studios.

Staff & Cast

Original Concept/Creative Supervisor: Goro Taniguchi
Scenario Supervisor: Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Scenario: PTA Inc./StoryBerry, LLC
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa (Five Aces Inc.)
Animation: Landock Studio Co.
Cast: Gakuto Kajiwara, Kanon Takao, Kensho Ono, Satsumi Matsuda, Yūki Kuwahara, Minami Takahashi, Kenjiro Tsuda, Makoto Furukawa, etc.

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Goro Taniguchi’s Estab Life Project Comes With A TV Anime, Mobile Game & Anime Film

Estab Life: Unity Memories.

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