SINoALICE JP x Sanrio Characters Collab Runs From February 8


The Japanese server of Pokelabo and Square Enix’s SINoALICE mobile RPG have started a collaboration event with the Sanrio Characters from February 8, 2022.

In the collaboration event, characters from the Sanrio franchise will join the world of SINoALICE, together with a newly written collaboration special scenario. Furthermore, players who log in during the period will receive a Nightmare “Hello Kitty” and up to 800 Magic Stones.

SINoALICE JP x Sanrio Characters PV

Guild Event: Meeting With Mofumofu

In the Guild event “Meeting With Mofumofu”, players can collect “Ura Shooting Tickets”, players can get at the collaboration event and pull on the “Ura Shooting Gacha”, which grant you magic stones and various enhancement items.

In addition to the Nightmare “Pompompurin” and “Pochakko”, you can also get evolution materials such as “Dragon Heart” and “Dragon Species Flame” of each attribute and weapon evolution materials of certain attributes!

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Collab Characters

Two “Step Up Gacha” featuring characters donning costumes with the motif of “Sanrio Characters” will appear. On the fifth step, you’re guaranteed to get an SS character, and your rate is tripled from your sixth step and onwards! Bonus items will also be included in each 10-pull, up to the tenth step.

The following characters are available from this gacha:

SS [Cloud Staff of Binding] Alice/Cinammon (CV: M・A・O)

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SS [Sleeping Wands] Princess Ibara/Hello Kitty (CV: Kaede Hondo)

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SS [Cushion of Despicable] Cinderella / Kuromi (CV: Eri Kitamura)

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SS [Love Umbrella of Violence] Red Riding Hood / My Melody (CV: Rika Tachibana)

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SS [Soft Innocence] Rapunzel / Pompompurin (CV: Akane Fujita)

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Get a free Character with this Gem Pack!

Two gem packages will be available, and each of them will include a special character. The packs are as follows:

① 306 Magic Stones + SS weapon [Indulgent Love’s Confection] + Job Unlock (Hameln/Pochaco)
② 502 magic stones + Nightmare (Cinnamoroll) “Hamelin/Pochacco”

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