Miko Note Mobile Game Launches on February 21; Opening Animation Revealed


MADORCA has confirmed the release date for its upcoming “Mikonōto Ware Tokidoki Kegare” (Miko Note) mobile game on February 21, 2022.

The developer also revealed an opening animation collaborating with the Japanese animation studio Graphinica. The three main characters, Yumi, Kano and Ren perform the opening song “Irreplaceable Note” together, while daily life and battle scenes are also being illustrated in the animation.

About Miko Note

The main character (you) lost memory and wake up finding himself living with shrine maidens Yumi, Kanon and Ren in the shrine. One day, “curses” appear in front of them and the shrine maidens protects him from the attack.

The shrine maidens explain to the shocked main character that their meaning of life is to protect and maintain people’s peaceful life from the attack of the curses. What is the reality of this world? It’s a story that you can find out the “real” everyday life.

Miko Note

Miko Note Characters

■ Yumi – CV: Shuka Saito
Yumi is an eighteen-year-old girl, who is so powerful that she is known to be no.1 among all the miko. With a strong sense of responsibility, she never feels tired of living and sacrificing for humans. Using her weapon “yomi no kaminari”, she starts her life to defeat curses.

004 2

■ Kanon – CV: Lynn
She is known as the second powerful miko. Contrasting with her childish appearance, she is tough and tends to do things in her own pace. She uses a flying canon AI in her battles.

Miko Note Kanon 1

■ Ren – CV: Yu Sasahara
Her past life experience is unknown. The Doctor brought her to the shrine and she becomes the third miko. Her optimistic personality allows her to get along with others very well. She appears to be mysterious because of her strong physical power and unknown past.

Miko Note Ren 1

Pre-registration Rewards

The pre-registration numbers has reached 200,000. For those who haven’t pre-registered for this game, why don’t you seize the opportunity to receive rewards? It’s only a step far from the next milestone to get all the rewards including the SSR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket!

Players can now pre-register Miko Note by following the official Twitter/ via Google Play/ App Store.

35: Holy Orbs x 35 for Gacha, Mythical Potion x 35 *CLEAR!
3,535: Zero Coin x 35,353 *CLEAR!
35,353: Stamin items x 35 *CLEAR!
100,000: Miko Costume *CLEAR!
200,000: Holy Orbs x 3,535 for Gacha *CLEAR!
353,535: SSR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket x 1

Miko Note Pre registration

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