Otomate Announces Five New Otome Games for Switch, Including A Fandisc for Cupid Parasite


Among their announcements at the “Dessert de Otomate” fan event, Idea Factory’s Otomate brand announced five new otome games that would be coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming years. Among them, a fandisc for Cupid Parasite, a Nintendo Switch port of a PS Vita title, and the release date of Tengoku Struggle -strayside-, a title we’ve previously covered in the past, have been revealed.

Game 1: Cupid Parasite: -Sweet & Spicy Darling.-

The first game to be announced was a fandisc of Cupid Parasite, previously released on August 2020 in Japan, and November 2021 in the West. The trailer shows that the five love interests will return with quote “spicier and lovelier events”. A sixth love interest is also shown, though his face is obscured, and no name is given.

Otomate Announces Five New Otome Games for Switch, Including A Fandisc for Cupid Parasite

The trailer also announces that all of the cast from Cupid Parasite will also make a return.

Game 2: KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~

A Nintendo Switch port of KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~was announced. This title originally released in 2015 for the PS Vita as two separate titles, but now, it will be coming to Nintendo Switch on June 9th, 2022 as KLAP!! for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version will have content from both PS Vita releases, and players will be able to enjoy all of the game with just one version on a more modern system.

Game 3: Sympathy Kiss

Up next, we have Sympathy Kiss. Not much was revealed aside from the teaser trailer and the fact that the game will be directed by the same person who did Lover Pretend, but said trailer does give some glance on what the story is about. The story is as follows:

“Working for almost a year at an app development company, the heroine was used to the usual mediocrity of work. However, she is suddenly reassigned to the production department of an app that is about to end its service. She has to choose the ideal partner that will keep the app alive for years to come. Just what awaits her–?!”

Game 4: Tsuiteru Hime x Tsuitenai Kishidan

Next, we have Tsuiteru Hime x Tsuitenai Kishidan, which can be loosely translated as “Temirana’s Lady Luck and the Lonely Knights”, which depicts the love story of a princess and her knights in the country of Temirana in the foreign world of Etrudia.

The original characters are drawn by Nittaka, and the scenario is written by Uta Amemiya. Planning and supervision will be by Ayumi Takagi.

Game 5: Hakuouki Shin Kai: Tenun no Sho

The fifth one is “Hakuouki Shin Kai: Tenun no Sho”, which spins the story of their youth and memories that were not depicted in the main story. The story is set in Kyoto, where the Shinsengumi was active, and will depict various large and small incidents that will be recalled along with seasonal events. It is scheduled to be released within 2022, though not much more is known about it as of yet.

Tengoku Struggle -strayside-

The developer also confirmed the release date for Tengoku Struggle -strayside- on June 30, 2022. The game’s opening movie has also been revealed, but unfortunately it was only available for Japanese regions.

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