Cyber Honey “Idol Support” RPG Will Release on February 28


Rekoo Japan announced that the Cyber Honey ”idol support’ RPG will release on February 28. It is a turn-based RPG that allow players to vote and support your favourite hero girl and voice actor! The game also celebrates its pre-registrations reaching 200,000.

About Cyber Honey

Cyber Honey is a dramatic RPG consisting of many beautiful hero girls, centered with voice actor idols and auditions concepts. The game features a lot of well-illustrated graphics and a wide range of bishojo with different personalities are available for players to choose from.

Cyber Honey 5

Voice actors who won the votes of the live-streaming auditions are selected to cast the game characters. Players can also vote for your favourite hero girl to let her become the center of the idol group! The selected characters will perform the opening song provided by famous composer Katsuhiko Sugiyama.

Cyber Honey 4
Cyber Honey 3

The turn-based battle system allows players to move your hero along the squares and attack enemies at each turn. The battles also provides auto-mode and double-speed buttons. So even if you are not good at games, you can get used to playing this game easily!

Cyber Honey 6

Players can unlock heroes by getting exclusive heroes’ weapons. Their abilities largely depends on the heroes’ exclusive weapons and equipment. Collect the weapons through different boss battles and make you characters even stronger!

Cyber Honey 7

Pre-registration Campaign

Players can now pre-register the game by following the official Twitter or via Google Play/ App Store.

Cyber Honey 2

All players can receive 10,000 diamonds as presents and further obtain rewards by completing all the pre-registration milestones. There are still a few days before the official release. So grab the chance to pre-register for the game!

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