Last Period x Ensemble Stars Collab Runs from March 1


Happy Elements’ Cacalia Studio announced that its Last Period mobile game is having its 4th collaboration with Ensemble Stars from March 1. The gacha from the previous three collaboration events will make a return.

Last Period x Ensemble Stars Login Campaign 

During the collaboration period from March 1 to March 31, you can obtain [Blessed Smile] Izumi Sena by logging into the game.

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You can also get 5 Luna stones each day, receiving a total of 50 Luna stones for 10 consecutive login days. On the 1st, 5th and 10th day, you can login to get limited characters’ in-game stickers.

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Collaboration Gacha

You can summon for free once a day up to for to 31 times! A free 10 times summon will also be obtained!

Meanwhile, Step-up summon is launched that when you have done 30 times summons, a  ★ 5 character is guaranteed; when you have done 50 times summons, you will be guaranteed a event-exclusive ★️5 character.

Below are the event-exclusive characters.

Leo Tsukinaga

last period 4

Suou Tsukasa

last period 5

Izumi Sena

last period 6

Ritsu Sakuma

last period 7

Arashi Narukami

last period 8

Collaboration Also Arrives Ensemble Stars! Basic

The Last Period collaboration will return in Ensemble Stars! Basic. Don’t miss the chance to get previous scouts and produce units!

last period 10

Pick-Up Summon of previous collaboration characters will also be available. 

last period 9

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