NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Confirms Global Release in 2022


Level Infinite announced that it will be joining Shiftup and Tencent to publish the NIKKE: Goddess of Victory third-person shooting game in Japan in 2022. The game was first originally set to release in Korea only until this announcement.

*Updated: NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is also getting a global release in 2022. Players can now register for the closed beta, but it is open only for players in the US, while players outside the US could not enter the game. Stay tuned on the official Twitter & Facebook for more information.


NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is set in a place where the earth has been destroyed by unidentified weapons. Players will play as an Android named “NIKKE” to fight for the mankind.

The game makes use of advanced live2D and 2.5D Paper Folding technologies to make the characters and battle animations more lively. The game also supports a cooperation mode, where players can finish missions with up to 4 players. 

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory PV

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory CBT Application

In preparation for the official launch, a closed beta test to improve the game will be held in March in Japan and US. Interested players can apply for the CBT via the official website (JP).

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Coming to Japan in 2022

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Features

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory will have over 60 characters when it launches. Each character is distinctive and unique, so you will be able to find your favourite. In addition, the game will also feature the voices of such splendid voice actors as Yui Ishikawa, Hitomi Ueda, Ayana Taketatsu, Ayane Sakura, Akari Kito, Sumire Uesaka, Marei Uchida, and Ten Amamiya!

With the power of the live2D and 2.5D paper folding technologies, you can experience everything from the sparks that shoot from a gun to the shaking of the body due to recoil. In addition, animations are provided for the use of skills and detailed facial expressions.

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