Phantom of the Kill Announces Collaboration With V-Tuber Kagura Mea and Inuyama Tamaki


gumi’s Phantom of the Kill mobile RPG is having a special collaboration with Kagura Mea and Inuyama Tamaki from March 12, 2022.

This will be the first collaboration between Phantom of the Kill and the two famous V-Tubers: Mea Kagura, a maid V-Tuber in military uniform, and Inuyama Tamaki, a male cross-dressing virtual YouTuber. The collaboration event will feature newly drawn illustrations, as well as newly recorded voices exclusive to the game.

Phantom of the Kill Announces Collaboration With V-Tuber Kagura Mea and Inuyama Tamaki

In addition, quests inspired by the two V-Tubers, special items to strengthen the characters, and weapons will also be available as original collaboration items.

About Kagura Mea

Kagura Mea is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who sings, plays games, and chats with her audience. Her overall outfit is akin mixture of a french-style maid with military theme on it, notably her long coat that is “strapped” behind her back like a cape, as well as an officer hat.

She generally acts nicely but playing games or becoming frustrated can result in a fearsome amount of screaming and noises that stretch the capabilities of the human body.

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About Inuyama Tamaki

Inuyama Tamaki is a Japanese V-Tuber who loves to talk, sing, and do unusual projects. He works hard every day while being worked hard by Norio’s mom. He likes people with a strong sense of humor.

Originally independent, he is currently a part of NoriPro, a VTuber agency managed by Tsukudani Norio as its founding member along with Shirayuki Mishiro.

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