Summons Board x Shaman King Collaboration Begins on March 10


GungHo Entretainment’s Summons Board begun a special collaboration event with Shaman King from March 10 to March 24. Various popular characters such as Yoh Asakura and Hao will appear in the collaboration gacha.

Summons Board x Shaman King Collaboration Begins on March 10

Summons Board x Shaman King Collab Characters

■ [Steadfast Soul] Yoh Asakura

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■ [Conqueror of the Devils] Anna Kyoyama

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■ [Star Man] Hao

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Summons Board x Shaman King Collab Dungeons

During the collaboration event, players can challenge a number of stages inspired by the Shaman King series. If you successfully clear the [Ruin] & [God] level dungeons, you will obtain great rewards.

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Login Bonus

Logging in during the collaboration period will allow you to draw on the Shaman King collaboration gacha for up to five times for free with tickets! Players can also obtain Light Crystal x 15 if you login in daily.

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Players can also get a free copy of Anna Kyoyama via their mail by logging in during the collaboration period.

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Giveaway Campaign

To celebrate the collaboration with Shaman King, a retweet campaign is underway. Players who retweet the official tweets with the campaign hashtag will have chances to obtain Shaman King goods and gift cards. The prizes are as follows:

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