Monster Musume TD Now Available for Early Access


EXNOA announced the Monster Musume TD-I’m in trouble because I’m in love with Mon daughters on an isolated island in the sea tower defense browser game is now available for early access for PC via DMM Games Store

The early access version of the game will be released in a form that is fully enjoyable, but encourages players to give as much feedback and criticism as possible. In addition, to commemorate the start of the early access service, an “Early Access Commemorative Campaign” and “User Survey” are scheduled to be conducted.

Monster Musume TD Now Available for Early Access

Win DMM Points And Gift Cards By Playing!

Out of all the players who play Monster Musume TD during the Early Access period will be entered in a special DMM Points giveaway: 500 people can win DMM points worth a total of JPY$1,000,000.

Period: March 14 to the start of the official release

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Furthermore, players who retweet an official giveaway tweet on the developers’ official twitter can enter an additional giveaway, where you can win a 10 000 yen Amazon gift card code!

Period: Monday, March 14 to Sunday, March 27, 23:59

monster musume amazon giveaway

Monster Musume TD Gameplay

Monster Musume TD is a tower defense game that even newbie users to the genre can enjoy. The game features many unique and naughty monster girls that satisfies your erotic desire, such as the punishment of capturing human enemies.

It is a flashy and exhilarating tower defense game that even light gamers can enjoy, but it is also packed with a wealth of challenging elements.

monster musume 2
monster musume 3
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Monster Musume TD PV

Early Access Login Bonuses

The following rewards will be given to all players thanks to the pre-registration goal being met, as well as the amount of gacha pulls done. Each reward can be received after logging into the game.

Reward for reaching 300,000 pre-registrations: Gold coins x 150,000, Class change equipment x 6 (armor x 3, accessories x 3), Phantom stones x 5,500

Reward for achieving a total of 25 million gacha pulls: Phantom stones x 5,000, Class change equipment x 6 (weapon x 3, armor x 3)

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