Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Anime Reveals Teaser Video, Theme Songs & April 2 Premiere


The TV anime adaptation of Aniplex, Yūhodō, and Liden Films’ Build Divide multimedia project revealed a new teaser trailer announcing the theme songs, as well as the April 2 premiere date for its second season, Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White). The trading card game project’s first anime, Build Dive -#00000 (Code Black), aired between October and December 2021.

Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Anime Reveals Teaser Video, Theme Songs & April 2 Premiere

The Japanese band EGOIST performs the opening song “Gold”, while Who-ya Extended performs the ending song, “A Shout Of Triumph.” The project is set in “Neo Kyoto,” where a new governing lord is decided through one’s skills at a card game.

The new season takes place three years after the events of its predecessor, with the virtual city of Neo Kyoto is now in ruins following Teruto’s quest to save Kikka. Kikka is no longer the city’s King, who functioned as the CPU of the city’s program, and is now being pursued by the King’s envoy KUGE. KUGE’s task is to send people to the “barrel,” so that their power may be stolen in order to preseve the King.

According to EGOIST vocalist chelly, this is a very impressive song with a fast-paced feeling that runs right up to the chorus, and strong lyrics that encourage the audience’s back. Who-ya Extended also commented on the ending, saying the ending is an up-tempo song that inspires us to follow our will and muster up our courage, focusing on the loneliness and conflicts that come with aiming high.

Yuki Komada is directing the anime at Liden Films, while Yoriko Tomita is in charge of the series scripts. Shinpei Tomooka is the character designer.

Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Teaser PV

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About Build Divide

Build Divide is Aniplex’s first TCG x original anime project. “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” manga writers Homura Kawamoto and Muno Hikaru are credited as the original work. The project will collaborate with Aniplex with various plans, including a trading card game (TCG), TV anime by LIDEN FILMS, and more. The TCG is designed by Yūhodō. The TV anime series’ first season will air in October 2021 in Japan. The second season is scheduled to air in April 2022.

Build Divide Staff & Production

Original idea: Homura Kawamoto / Hikaru Takeno
Director: Yuki Komada
Series Composition: Yoriko Tomita
Character Design: Shinpei Tomooka
Music: Keiji Iuchi, Kenta Higashioji
Sound Director: Miwa Iwanami
Production Studio: Leiden Film

Build Divide Cast

■ Teruhito Kurabe – CV: Yūto Uemura
■ Hiyori Tori – CV: Aoi Koga
■ Naomitsu Enjō – CV: Atsushi Tamaru
■ Sakura Banka – CV: Sayumi Watabe
■ Kikka – CV: Yū Serizawa

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