Genshin Impact Guide – How to Build Sangonomiya Kokomi


With the rerun banner of Sangonomiya Kokomi coming along with Genshin Impact‘s 2.5 Update, it is the perfect time to learn the best build of Sangonomiya Kokomi. Kokomi is previously known as one of the character with the lowest banner sales in her initial release. When many are disappointed of her underwhelming abilities at the beginning, it all changed after her skill set got revised.

The Divine Priestess can fill many roles in the team, providing both offense and defense. And this Genshin Impact Guide will teach you how Kokomi performs in battle, as well as understanding the different team that she fits in. An artifact building guide is also included.

About Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi is known as the young Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and a descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan. She is in charge of most of Watatsumi’s affairs, shouldering heavy responsibilities alone in hopes for giving Watatsumi Island’s people the hopes and happiness that they desire.

Genshin Impact Guide – How to Build Sangonomiya Kokomi

She is an excellent Hydro Catalyst and healer with an elemental skills that heal all party members while dealing elemental damage to enemies. Her Burst, Nereid’s Ascension, enhances her elemental skills and attacks. Those attacks can then heal all of the party members, depending on her Max HP stat. In addition to providing support through recovery, she is also a very good sub-attacker and elemental applier.

Recommended Party

Kokomi is a Hydro Catalyst with an off field Hydro Skill, and is one of the best characters for any spreading the Hydro status to enemies. For the most part, you’ll want her as the support and Elemental reactor on most parties. Here are a couple of reactions you can experiment with:

The Sangonomiya Electric Team

Starting off the list of teams is the Electric Team, which uses characters that will apply Electro to enemies so that Kokomi can react with her Hydro attacks. Fischl and Beidou both work greatly for the Electro damage, while Sucrose can reduce the enemies’ resistance with her Elemental Ability.

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Permanent Freeze For the Win

Permanent Freeze, or Permafreeze for short, is the term used by the community to describe a team that keeps triggering the Frozen reaction, which is done by combining Hydro and Cryo together. The idea here is to have Kokomi use her skill and then switch over to Ayaka, who will then continue to apply Cryo, because her Kurage stays on the field even after you switch.

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Famitsu Recommended Party A

In the latest Weekly Famitsu, two parties were recommended for people who wish to build Kokomi. Build A was structured like this. It works similar to the Electric Team mentioned above, except that instead of Fischl, you’ll be using Yae Miko’s Elemental Skills to apply the Electro element.

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Famitsu Recommended Party B

The next build recommended by Famitsu is a very costly build, being that it only utilizes 5-star limited characters. It does however, play on the same Permafreeze logic. Shenhe is able to provide the Cryo element even off field, which can help enemies to stay frozen for much longer. Venti’s burst can also absorb both elements, which makes him a good choice.

If you don’t have Shenhe, you can replace her with Kaeya, whose Burst can provide an icy circle that will apply Cryo to any enemy you touch.

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Best Weapon

There aren’t many 5-star catalysts in Genshin Impact, but there’s three weapons that work really well with Sangonomiya Kokomi:

Everlasting Moonglow

Everlasting Moonglow is Kokomi’s signature weapon. It increases the Healing Bonus and also increases her Normal Attack DMG by 1% of the Max HP of the character equipping this weapon. For 12 seconds, after using an Elemental Burst, Normal Attacks that hit opponents will restore 0.6 Energy. This weapon also grants her a sizable HP% buff, which is her best stat.

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Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber is the easiest weapon to obtain for the build of Kokomi, as it can be forged at the Blacksmith shop. When equipped with this weapon, Kokomi regenerates 4 Energy every 2s for 6 seconds after using her Elemental Burst. All party members will also regenerate 4% of their HP every 2 seconds after the Burst has been used.

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Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers

When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24% (48% at max refinement rank) for 10 seconds. This effect only occurs every 20 seconds. Now, that last cooldown is important, because that’s about the same as the time it takes for Kokomi’s Kurage’s Oath skill to finish its own cooldown.

Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers will allow you to quickly renew the effect. Furthermore, since this is a 3-star weapon, you can easily max out its potential by refining it.

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Best Artifact Set

The best artifact set for Kokomi is the Ocean-Hued Clam set, which applies a 15% Healing Bonus boost and the Sea-Dyed Foam effect. The text description is rather long, but in a nutshell: If your character’s HP is already full, you’ll still be healed. The excess HP that doesn’t get added is calculated for 10 seconds.

Once those 10 seconds pass, the foam will burst, dealing AoE Hydro damage to all of the enemies in the field. So for example, if your excess is 5000, you’ll deal 5000 Hydro AoE Damage!

The Ocean-Hued Clam can be found on the Slumbering Court domain, pictured below:

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If you haven’t unlocked the Inazuma region yet though, an alternative artifact set to use for her in the meantime is the 2-set effect of the Tenacity of the Millieth set. This will increase her HP, but you should not consider this a full replacement for the set above.

The Tenacity of the Millieth set can be found in the Ridge Watch domain, pictured below:

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Artifacts are divided into one main stat and four sub-stats. Listing all of them would make this guide rather long, but just keep in mind the following main stats are recommended:

■ Goblets: Hydro DMG% or HP%

■ Sand / Hourglass: HP% to increase the amount of HP healed by Kurage’s Oath.

■ Hat / Crown, either Healing Bonus or HP%.

■ Feather / Flower: HP% or Flat HP on their substats, due to how the feather is locked with flat ATK, and the flower is locked with a flat HP boost.

Kokomi is strictly a support character. This is made evident by her Flawless Strategy skill, which grants her a 25% Healing Bonus. However, it goes with a caveat: a 100% decrease in CRIT Rate, making her go down to -100% Crit Rate. It might sound absurd, but that is possible. While you could somehow remedy this with artifacts, the amount of effort required isn’t generally worth it, unless you REALLY want her to be a DPS character.

The more HP Kokomi has, the higher her healing power, because the amount of healing given by Kurage’s Oath is calculated based on her Max HP stat.

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