Tomodachi Game Anime Reveals New Trailer, Additional Cast & April 5 Debut


The official website for the anime adaptation of Mikoto Yamaguchi’s Tomodachi Game revealed a new trailer, additional cast and April 5 debut.

The anime centers on Yūichi Katagiri, a young man with a perfect student life and four friends with difficult lives. His peaceful daily life comes to an end when two million yen of school trip fees goes missing. Riddles unfold as Yūichi gets caught up in a mysterious game for money and must decide whether friendship or money matters more.

Tomodachi Game will start airing on April 5 on NTV, BS Nittele, etc. At the King Amusement Creative booth at AnimeJapan 2022, fans can win a Manabu sticker by partaking in the activities.

Tomodachi Game Anime Reveals New Trailer, Additional Cast & April 5 Debut

Tomodachi Game Anime Trailer

TG01 01
TG01 02
TG01 03
TG01 04 sub2
TG01 06 main
TG01 07

Tomodachi Game Anime Additional Cast

Minami Takayama was cast as the voice of Manabu-kun, the creepy mascot doll that appears in the anime.

TG01 05 sub1

Reina Ueda will be voicing Maria Mizuse (left), and Shizuka Ito will be voicing Reiko Tamae (right).

TG01 08

Tomodachi Game Anime Staff & Production

Director: Hirofumi Ogura
Series Composition: Kenta Ihara
Script: Kenta Ihara
Original Concept: Mikoto Yamaguchi
Original Manga: Yuki Sato
Character Design: Satomi Miyazaki
Art Director: Si Man Wei (Studio Tulip)
Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
Director of Photography: Yomogiko Murano (Rare Trick)
Animation: Okuruto Noboru 

Tomodachi Game Anime Cast

■ Yūichi Katagiri – CV: Chiaki Kobayashi
■ Tenji Mikasa – CV: Daiki Hamano
■ Shiho Sawaragi – CV: Yume Miyamoto
■ Makoto Shibe – CV: Tomohiro Ōno
■ Yutori Kokorogi – CV: Satomi Amano
■ Maria Mizuse – CV: Reina Ueda
■ Reiko Tamae – CV: Shizuka Ito
■ Manabu-kun – CV: Reina Ueda

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