Puzzle & Dragons JP x Hunter x Hunter Collab Returns March 28


The JP version of Gungho’s Puzzle & Dragons mobile game is having a collaboration rerun with Hunter × Hunter from March 28 to April 11, 2022.

In addition to Gon and Killua, who appeared in the previous collaboration, members of the Phantom Brigade, including Nobunaga, Feitan, Machi, and Shalnark and Chrollo will appear with character designs based on illustrations from the TV anime. A new transformation style is also available for Gon and Chrollo.

Puzzle & Dragons x Hunter × Hunter Collab Characters

Nobunaga – CV: Naoya Uchida

Puzzle & Dragons JP x Hunter x Hunter Collab Returns March 28

Feitan – CV: Kappei Yamaguchi

puzzle and dragons 9 1

Machi – CV: Rena Maeda

puzzle and dragons 10 2

Shalnark – CV: Noriko Hidaka

puzzle and dragons 11 3

Gon – CV: Megumi Han

puzzle and dragons 3
puzzle and dragons 5

■ Kilua – CV: Mariya Ise

puzzle and dragons 4

Chrollo – CV: Mamoru Miyano

puzzle and dragons 6
puzzle and dragons 7

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