Love Flops Original Anime Announced for 2022 Release


Kadokawa unveiled Love Flops, a new original anime slated to premiere in 2022. The anime plans to star popular voice actors such as Ryota Ohsaka, Miku Itō, Ayana Taketatsu, Rie Takahashi, Hisako Kanemoto, Marika Kōno. No information about the studio animating or the production staff was given yet.

Love Flops

The anime centers on Asahi Kashiwagi, a student who one morning runs into a series of unusual accidents on one morning on the way to school, all in accordance with a vague television fortune he watched that morning, and all culminating with an unfortunate encounter with a girl.

Coincidentally, all the girls he meets are new students or teachers at his school. Asahi’s prior knowledge of the girls earns him the suspicion of Yoshio, a self-proclaimed “friend of Asahi.” After school, he finds a love letter in his shoe locker, telling him to come to the cherry blossom tree behind school, again according to his morning fortune. Asahi heads to the cherry blossom tree to see what awaits him.

Love Flops Anime Teaser PV

loveflops teaser pv 9
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loveflops teaser pv 6
loveflops teaser pv 5
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Love Flops Anime Cast & Characters

Asahi Kashiwagi – CV: Ryota Ohsaka
The main character. He is your ordinary and typical high school boy. But one day, he suddenly finds himself caught up in a storm of love with five girls.

loveflops teaser char 1

Aoi Izumizawa – CV: Miku Itō
A bright, energetic and straightforward girl who transferred to the morning class. She is good at all household chores and can do everything. She is a modest person, and is in a position to be the leader of the class. She is also a bit jealous.

loveflops teaser char 2

Amelia Irving – CV: Ayana Taketatsu
A foreign exchange student from the United States. She is innocent, but also clumsy and selfish. She expresses her affection directly and tends to go out of control. She has a tick of not being able to say out loud what she truly thinks.

loveflops teaser char 3

Ilya Ilyukhin – CV: Rie Takahashi
A foreign student from Bulgaria. She is shy and quiet. She is the only person Aoi can trust in her daily life surrounded by girls. Is quite fond of making sweets.

loveflops teaser char 4

Bai Mongfa – CV: Hisako Kanemoto
A new teacher from China. She has a calm personality and acts more like an older sister than a teacher to her students. She is a strong person at school, but when she’s at home, she has a rather childish and clumsy side.

loveflops teaser char 5

Karin Istel – CV: Marika Kōno
A foreign student from Germany. She is sometimes self-conscious, but she is well-liked by everyone around her thanks to her open and cheerful personality. She is also active as a model and is currently gaining popularity in Japan.

loveflops teaser char 6

■ Yoshio Ijūin – CV: Jun Fukuyama
A young boy who self-proclaims himself as Aoi’s best friend. He is a good-natured guy and has personal information that goodness knows where he got it from. He is a harmless man who will tell you anything you don’t know…whether you like it or not.

loveflops teaser char 7

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