Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Reveals Character Visuals of Scar, Izumi and More


Square Enix’s Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile revealed the character visuals and information of Scar, Solf, Izumi, and Van, who will be coming to the mobile game released in summer 2022.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Additional Characters

Scar – CV: Kenta Miyake

A survivor of the Ishvar people who were massacred by the Amestris army. He has a large scar on his forehead. He hates the national alchemists who trampled on his homeland and took the lives of his people, and devotes himself to revenge.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Reveals Character Visuals of Scar, Izumi and More

Solf J. Kimblee – CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino

The Crimson Lotus Alchemist. He has a gentlemanly appearance, but he is a man of dangerous ideology who is elated by life-and-death battles. He was imprisoned for a long time because he buried many people, both friend and foe, in the battle for the destruction of Ishvar.

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Izumi Curtis – CV: Shōko Tsuda

A master alchemist and skilled martial artist living in the southern Amestrian town of Dublith, and the mentor of the Eldric brothers. Her teaching methods are very spartan, such as the time where she forces the young brothers to live on a deserted island for a month.

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Van Hohenheim – CV: Kenyu Horiuchi

He is the father of the Elric brothers and a skilled alchemist. Due to past events, he calls himself a “monster”. Not knowing how to treat his son, he left home for a certain purpose and has been missing for a long time.

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