Amnesia: Memories, Amnesia: Later x Crowd Gets Western Release for Switch in Fall 2022


In an announcement at the New Game Plus Expo event, Idea Factory International announced that the Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd otome visual novel will receive a western release for Nintendo Switch this fall.

Pre-orders of the games are currently available on Idea Factory’s website. You can pre-order the games separately for US$49,99. You can also purchase a bundle containing both announced titles for US$79,99.

Amnesia: Memories, Amnesia: Later x Crowd Gets Western Release for Switch in Fall 2022

Amnesia: Memories & Amnesia: Later x Crowd Announcement Trailer

About Amnesia: Memories

The game was initially released previously on PC via Steam back in 2015. Players witness the tale of a protagonist suffering from amnesia across 5 romantic routes, boasting over 20 endings. A friendly spirit named Orion helps the Heroine throughout these events, aiding in a hopeful regaining of memories.

Throughout the game, players also play minigames like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Air Hockey. Players can also unlock voiced images in the Gallery, where touching different sections of the images will provide varying vocal responses.

Amnesia memories key art22

About Amnesia Later x Crowd

This is a packaged game that contains 2 titles: Amnesia: Later and Amnesia: Crowd. The former occurs in the setting of the New World, where 4 different story scenarios can be unlocked, widely ranging in events.

For instance, After Story takes place after the events of Amnesia: Memories with wedding events being teased. Additionally, various sides of Waka are studied in the Waka’s World scenario.

596400 amnesia later crowd v edition ps vita front cover

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