As many may know, Cygames’ Princess Connect! Re:Dive (also known as “Priconne”) is one of the most signature anime-style mobile gacha games in recent years. Fused with a mix of chibi aesthetics for a convenient auto sidescrolling combat with fully animated and voice-acted cutscenes, It soon wins the heart of worldwide fans. Its popularity further surged when the first season of the anime adaptation aired from April to June 2020.

Now that the latest season of the Priconne anime is just about to wrap up, alongside the recent anniversary of the game in February, many new players may be looking to Re:Dive into the Priconne Universe! If you enjoy fantasy auto battlers with plenty of stunning waifus to collect, this might be the new game for you! So, let’s look at what exactly makes Priconne so unique.

Great for Both A Main or Side Game!

The main gameplay loop of Princess Connect! Re:Dive involves making one’s way through various auto-battle quests, acquiring gear, building up units, and doing the whole thing again! 

“Quests” in this regard refer to the main storyline, events, Tower of Luna, Dungeons, Clan Battle, and more! Each of these modes gives various rewards to power up your characters! As you can see, there is plenty of content available here to make Priconne your main game.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Play the Anime!

One thing great about Priconne is that completing all of these gameplay modes takes no time! The game is fully automatic and incentivizes Skip Tickets for almost all forms of farming content. Priconne does not try to keep you logged in for days. It is easy to log in, do your dailies, dump some Skip Tickets and stamina refreshes, and get out before leaving the bathroom!

In summation, it is a game that respects your time. It understands that you may not be able to dedicate your life to grinding and tries to make things as efficient as possible for all its players.

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Play the Anime!

As mentioned, Princess Connect! Re:Dive anime is just about to wrap up its second season, and while having an anime counterpart is not necessary to enjoy any game, it sure does help!

Seeing the characters you have grown to love through the game fully realized in their own animated work only seeks to bring more life to this already bustling Universe. The animated cutscenes in the game are already a treat and receive the same level of animation quality and voice acting usually reserved for opening movies or trailers. However, when you add an entire two-season run, fully animated, fully voice-acted, and faithful to the game’s storyline, Priconne becomes much more enjoyable.

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The story of Princess Connect! Re:Dive becomes much more involved the deeper into the game you go. We’ve yet to see much of this explored in the anime (aside from a few flashback scenes). However, now that the mainstay cast has been introduced, we will likely soon dive deeper into the character relationships that permeate throughout the Priconne game through this anime adaptation. Pecorine and Karyl, in particular, are always a delight when seen together. Whether through an in-game cutscene or their time spent together on-screen, they are two of many characters that elevate the beautiful world to another level.

Without giving too much away, fans who have watched the Priconne Season Two anime to completion will have a clue as to where the story plans to go from here on out. Start playing the game now if you don’t want to wait until the inevitable Season Three to confirm your assumptions!

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Everybody Gets Some Jewels!

Despite having a gacha rate that only a mother could love, Priconne gives players a surprising number of premium currency Jewels! By participating in lottery events, competing in both the PVP arena modes, and doing daily quests, it’s very easy to quickly build up the 45k Jewels necessary to pity a unit.

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As your character’s levels cannot surpass your account level, the game incentivizes you to spend your Jewels on stamina refreshes (similar to games like Blue Archive). However, Princess Connect! Re:Dive well knows that, when given a choice between stamina and waifus, every player will choose the latter. So, the developers made sure to hand out as much premium currency as possible to allow players to refresh their stamina while still saving for future units.

As the global version of Priconne is running behind the JP server, it gives players the foresight to plan their spending on upcoming units! Look at future banners, choose your favorite (*Cough* Summer *Cough* Saren *Cough*!!), and get saving!

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Should You Play Princess Connect! Re:Dive?

For newcomers and returning players alike, there is certainly a lot to love about Priconne. Priconne continues to check the boxes on any gacha veteran’s quality of life wish list, from the glorious animation, the fantastic voice-acting, and the efficient gameplay.

If you plan to start your adventure in Priconne, doing so during a Princess Fest is the most advisable time to do so. During this time, three-star characters have increased drop rates making it easy to pick up several top-tier units during your reroll.

However, if you can’t wait for the next PriFes, pick up the game today and let us know what you think!

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