Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Opens CBT on April 20


NetEase Games’ Clover Theater monster girl RPG is holding a closed beta test for Android devices from April 20, 15:00 to April 27, 23:59 [JPT] in Japan. Participants can apply for the test starting today until April 18, 23:59.

A new PV has also been released to commemorate the start of the CBT recruitment. In addition, from April 11, 2022, a follow & RT campaign giveaway is being held on the official Twitter! In this campaign, 50 followers who retweet the campaign tweets will be selected in a drawing to win a 1,000 yen Amazon gift card.

In this game, while running the theater as the leader of the Clover Theater Company, the player goes on a performance tour with the monster girls and spread smiles to every corner of the world! Summon the members of your troupe from another world and enjoy a joyous life with these kawaii girls! The game is set to release in Japan in 2022.

Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Opens CBT on April 20

Clover Theater CBT Commemorate PV

Clover Theater Gameplay

A cute and heartwarming story that melts your heart

The game’s scenario features an impressive 1.2 million words of the script! To put that into perspective, that’s about on par, perhaps lengthier than a visual novel! You’ll be able to enjoy the stories told by the cute girls to your heart’s content.

Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Opens CBT on April 20 003

■ More Than 70 Unique Monsters to Join the Game!

At the time of release, there are more than 70 characters will be available in the game! Illustrations of each and every character are created by multiple illustrators, and beautiful girls of unique races such as elves, dragons, and centaurs are available as friends.

Each of them has different weapons, skills, and positions that can be organized. By organizing your team to take advantage of their strengths, you will be able to advance in battle.

clover theater 3
Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Opens CBT on April 20 005

■ Build Your Own Theater! Play At Your Pace!

The job of the Commander is not limited to scouting and training Mon Musume. You can also smelt items useful for adventures and customize the dormitory of the theater by placing your favorite furniture.

Clover Theater also offers a wide variety of contents, so build your own beautiful theater and enjoy your daily life and adventures with your own unique characters!

Another key point of Clover Theater is the high degree of freedom in training. Any player can grow any of the Monsters they join up to the highest rank of ★6. This training system allows for a very wide range of compositions and the fun of training your favorite character to her full potential!

clover theater 4

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