New Monster Farm Game Coming to Smartphones in 2022


LINE Games announced LINE: Monster Farm, a new smartphone game that is scheduled to release in Japan at the end of 2022.

Monster Rancher, known in Japan as Monster Farm, is a Japanese media franchise and series of life simulation role-playing video games created by Tecmo. It’s a very popular simulation game that attracted many users because of its novel reproduction system in which monsters are created by loading music CDs and the fun of raising them and battling them.

This brand-new smartphone title is a completely new “Monster Farm” game with a new monster reproduction method. The player becomes a new breeder belonging to IMa, the same company as in Monster Farm 2, and together with his assistant trainer, raises his own unique monsters and aims to become the number 1 breeder.


LINE: Monster Farm Game System Announcement PV

LINE: Monster Farm Game System

Return to the Nostalgic Days of Monster Training!
As a new breeder, train and discipline your unique monster to grow and win competitions. Pamper them too much and they may cheat in training, or train them too hard and they may run away! As a breeder, you can enjoy your own personalized monster training while keeping track of your monster’s aptitude and situation.

Monsters with Modern Graphics!
Monsters from the original series will appear in the latest-genration graphics in this version, and can be raised and battled. In addition, new races that have never been seen before in the series will be introduced!

Never-Before-Seen Features!
New elements will be added, such as the ability to send raised monsters on expeditions to various locations, and breeder competitions in which multiple monsters form teams and compete in ranked matches to see who’s the best.

New Monster Breeding Methods!
In this work, monsters can be born using a new reproduction method unique to this version of the game. More details will be announced at a later date.

Monster Farm Heading to Smartphones in 2022

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To commemorate the project announcement, a campaign will be held on the Official Twitter account. Participants who follow the official LINE: Monster Farm Twitter account and retweet the campaign tweets can win a special Amazon 2000 yen gift card with an original LINE: Monster Farm design printed on it. Up to 50 winners will be drawn.

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