Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 – Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead & Among Us VR Games Coming Soon


Meta announced a series of titles at their second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 on April 20. No release dates were shown, aside from a confirmation from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that “all of the announced titles are slated to release within the next year.”

Among the titles, Ghostbusters, Among Us, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, and more are confirmed to get a VR game edition for Quest 2. Here’s a list of all the titles you can expect.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 Announced Title

Ghostbusters VR

The first title shown was Ghostbusters VR. Track, blast, and trap ghosts in gripping encounters by wielding iconic equipment in virtual reality!

You can explore alone or as a team with up to three friends, in an extensive and engrossing co-op campaign. Continue the Ghostbusters’ legacy, protect the city from fiendish ghosts, and experience all the humor and frights from the beloved franchise.

Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries VR

Resident Evil 4 was already on the VR platform in some way, but fans were missing the Mercenaries mode, a beloved way to experience it.

The developers at Armature Studio have completely redesigned the mode and will challenge players with taking out as many Ganados as they can before time expires. Alongside VR-exclusive leaderboards and 20 new challenges, this new mode will also have some “made-for-VR treats,” including Big Head Mode, a black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, and Golden Gun skins for weapons. These unlock will also work in the main campaign.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Next, we have The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which was released two years ago, in which players must carve a path through its undead-infested streets—either to save New Orleans or to condemn it.

The developers of Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment promise that this will be an experience that’s even more dangerous than before. Expect fewer resources, more walkers, and a new and bloodthirsty threat that will hunt you across the city, coming late 2022.

Among Us VR

Teamwork and betrayal…in VR!? Yes, you’re not reading it wrong: Among Us VR is coming to Meta Quest this holiday season! Now you can enjoy this social deduction game as InnerSloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games all join together to remake it in the Meta Quest headset.


Stress Level Zero has announced Bonelab, where you are suspected of séancing with an unknown power, you are on trial. During your execution, you are called to action. Escaping execution, you’ll find yourself in a mysterious underground lab.

Fight, run, and climb as you explore an exquisitely detailed combat simulation where every object reacts exactly the way you’d expect. The game will also feature moderation support, so you’ll be able to enhance your experience with new maps, new weapons, and new avatars.

Cities VR

Although it is not a one-to-one port, Fast Travel Games have announced Cities VR, a VR version of the popular title Cities Skylines, giving you a newfound appreciation (unique to VR) of the scale and scenery of the cities you’re designing.

Lay roads, place hospitals and schools and create the cities of their dreams in virtual reality as Cities VR releases next week.

Beat Saber – Electronic Mixtape

Following the release of OST5 and a Fall Out Boy music pack, Beat Games has announced a new DLC pack for the popular Beat Saber game, called the Electronic Mixtape DLC. In this pack, you can add tracks from popular artists such as Deadmau5, Marsmello, Pendulum, and more.

Ruins Magus

Beneath the quaint streets and alleyways of Grand Amnis lies a vast labyrinth of ruins, long-forgotten by those above. In Ruins Magus, you will journey deep into this hidden subterranean realm in search of precious and powerful artifacts.

Unravel the secrets of a lost age and grow from a novice wizard into a powerful, spell-wielding Magus in this narrative-driven action JRPG that includes 26 fully-voiced quests—featuring the vocal talents of Naomi Ohzora, Ai Maeda, Eiji Takemoto, and more.

Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2, the sequel to Red Matter, is coming to the Meta Quest 2. This game picks up right where the previous game left off.

Take a journey across the solar system, from a base on our own moon to a space station orbiting above Saturn’s rings, and beyond. Uncover dark secrets and do your best to halt the red matter’s spread and save humanity.

Espire 2

Tripwire Presents and Digital Lode have announced Espire 2, the sequel to the blockbuster Espire. Your mission is to ultimately locate and stop the launch of an untraceable, supersonic missile, a true doomsday device. Wield an array of high-tech gadgets as you go behind enemy lines and try to save the world for a second time.

Espire 2 also features an entirely separate co-op campaign, with unique missions set in familiar Espire 1 locations. Find someone you trust with your state secrets and pair up for a thrilling side story that spans the gap between Espire 2 and its predecessor.


StatusPRO revealed NFL PRO ERA, the first officially-licensed NFL game to hit VR. NFL PRO ERA uses NFL game data to create the most authentic on-the-field NFL VR experience to date.

Lead your team to a Super Bowl, improve your QB skills by participating in drills, or play catch virtually with your friends in your favorite NFL stadium. Read the defense, run the offense and see whether you have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II is coming to Quest 2 this summer! Having rescued her uncle Argus, Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her within the hexed castle where her uncle was once held captive.

But Quill has a plan of her own, one that could finally end the merciless rule of the Arcane and save the world from a great unmaking. To stand a chance, Quill will need a true partner by her side.

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