Anonymous;Code Shares New Info About Main Characters and Game System


MAGES released the information about the characters that will be appearing in the latest title of the science adventure game, Anonymous;Code, which will release in Japan on July 28 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Details about the in-game systems were also shared.

Anonymous;Code takes place in 2037. The protagonist, a hacker named Pollon Takaoka, has an ability that allows him to save and load moments, much like save features in video games. In the year 2036, the “2036 Problem” occurs, where an incident involving computers leads to the destruction of major cities around the world.

A similar event is expected to take place in 2038, so a supercomputer called Gaia is used to create an alternate Earth using an Earth Simulator in order to study the possible effects of the impending catastrophe.

anonymous code gamecover

Anonymous;Code Main Character

Pollon Takaoka – CV: Shōya Chiba
“Helping the nameless people in need! That’s the Nakano Symphonies’ motto!”

The protagonist of Anonymous;Code. He’s the founder of Nakano Symphonies, a two-man team that works around Nakano to help people in need. His dream is to become a cool hero that everyone admires. His main profession is as a hacker, but his hacking skills are not impressive. He uses his “inspiration” and fearlessness to sneak into various places and obtain information by playing tricks on his opponents.

anonymous code character render 6

Cross Yumikawa – CV: Tomokazu Sugita
“Getting too cocky so soon is both a good thing and a bad thing for you.”

Takaoka’s best friend and partner. Often goes by Cross. He is able to analyze information very efficiently and is very knowledgeable. He analyzes various pieces of information to support Takaoka’s physical intrusions. He is a highly skilled hacker. Sometimes acts like an older brother, given the age gap between him and Takaoka.

anonymous code character render 3

Momo Aizaki – CV: Shiina Natsukawa
“I’m sorry for keeping it shut, but I need to tell you! I’m being chased!”

The heroine of the game. A young girl that Takaoka meets by coincidence, after waiting for “his promised partner” who never showed up. Someone is after her, and Takaoka, unable to leave someone in trouble, agrees to help her out. She is not familiar with digital gadgets.

anonymous code character render 2

Wind Maki – CV: Hiroyuki Takanaka
“I bring with me some good news! I got my hands on some truly priceless information!”

A Nakano high schooler who aims to become an informant. He is cheerful, familiar, but has a pleasant personality that allows him to quickly recognize the good qualities of others, and although he enjoys the work done by Cross and Takuya, he refuses to become part of the team, saying he wants to be “the only informant in Nakano”.

anonymous code character render 9

Nonoka Hosho – CV: Hina Kino
“All right! The Beauty Genius Nonoka will gracefully offer her hand to help!”

A hacker and gadget developer who works at the Kozutani Tengen Detective Agency. Known as Nonno. Despite her appearance, she is a cheeky girl who is not afraid of adults and is absolutely confident in her talent. She has many friends at school because of her cheerful personality.

anonymous code character render 8

Tengen Ozutani – CV: Shunsuke Sakuya
“The deepest wounds can’t heal that easily. Everyone keeps their heart under a lid.”

A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades who works in a detective agency in Nakano. Often goes by “Oz”. He is a middle-aged man with a languid appearance, but he has excellent investigative and negotiation skills, and knows a lot about the occult, urban legends, and conspiracy theories.

anonymous code character render 1

Bambi Kurashima – CV: Ayano Yamamoto
“I’m a full-fledged police officer, and I hope you become a fan of my work!”

A 19-year-old girl who’s in charge of the “Cyber Force Doll,” an idol unit that the Cyber Countermeasures Office of the Metropolitan Police Department formed. She has been a police officer since April and has only been in the field for a few months. She is serious about her duties and gives her all in everything she does, but tends to be a bit of a klutz. In addition to her police officer work, she also practices as an idol every day.

anonymous code character render 5

Riko Sawai – CV: Okaki Haruka
“Watch it, Bambi! This isn’t the time for screwing around―we’re at work!”

A member of Cyber Force Dolls, and Kurashima Bambi’s senior by a year. She was forced to participate in an audition for Cyber Force Doll, and although she was not keen on it, she ended up getting scouted as a member. She is always serious about her work and never cuts corners.

anonymous code character render 10

■ Iroha Kyogoku – CV: Mariko Honda
“Slack off at work and the higher-ups will get angry, you know~?”

A member of Cyber Force Dolls. She is the oldest member and the most senior police officer. She is friendly and acts as a manager. She is soft-spoken, but has a strong sense of self and is not swayed by the opinions of those around her.

anonymous code character render 4

Kaoru Samezu – CV: Yōji Ueda
“Remember to wear a cute smile at all times.”

The head of the Cyber Countermeasures Office of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Cyber Countermeasures Division and the boss of Bambi and her crew. He was forced by his superiors to plan the “Cyber Force Doll” project, and so he studies a lot about the aspects he does not understand.

Though he may look like a serious and formal guy due to his appearance and behavior, he is actually a person who can respond flexibly to any situation. He was an excellent hacker when he was a student and was immediately recognized for his abilities and selected as the head of the office at a very young age.

anonymous code character render 7

Anonymous;Code Game System

Hack Triggers Instead of Choices!

In Anonymous;Code, the scenario branches by “hacking triggers” instead of doing multiple-choice events. At certain points in the game, the player can suggest when to use Takaoka’s “Save & Load” application.

The decision to perform a save and load is left to Takaoka, and will only be performed if he agrees to do it. The player can suggest the best timing and have the Save & Load executed, helping Takaoka make the decision. This cooperative relationship between the player and Takaoka is the key to moving the story forward.

anonymous code screenshot 4
anonymous code screenshot 3

■ Takaoka’s Mysterious App

The “Save & Load” app that Takaoka has allows you to save the “present” and then load that data to “go back in time”. Although Takaoka is usually in control of the “Save & Load” app, players can also use the data slots and save points that Takaoka can use.

Upon making your choice, the “Manga Trigger” is triggered here. This has intense action scenes and difficult explanations shown in a fast-paced, easy-to-understand manner by following the frames of a comic strip. It also expresses the divergent results of hacking triggers.

An example of such diversion can be seen below. The first image is before the Manga Trigger, and the second is after reloading the save once.

anonymous code screenshot 2
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