Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music Celebrate 7th Anniversary With Free 70x Gacha


Happy Elements’ Ensemble Stars!! Basic and Music mobile games are celebrating their 7th anniversary with tons of campaigns, including free 70x gacha, special scouts, and gorgeous rewards for both apps from April 28.

Don’t forget to check out the 7th-anniversary special site for the details of the campaign!

Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music 7th Anniversary Gacha

■ “Thank You! 7 Years!” Free Gacha

From April 28 to May 31, log in every day into the game to get yourself some “Tenfold Scout Tickets”! At the end of the login streak, you’ll receive a “Thank You! 7 Years!” Gacha 5-Star Guaranteed Ticket, which will guarantee you a 5-star!

Please note that unused tickets will disappear from your inventory after June 10, the date the banner goes away, so don’t forget to use them!

Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music Celebrate 7th Anniversary With Free Gacha

■ Unit Select Heads7 Gacha

From April 28 to May 14, you can enjoy a special gacha where you can choose which 5-star you would like to get as your feature! This gacha in particular features the leaders from each of the idol groups.

enstars 7year anni img5

■ 7-Year Celebration Scout

A brand new type of celebration gacha featuring cards of all the idols will be available from April 28 to June 2. For each 10-pull you do, you’re guaranteed at least two of the special idol cards!

enstars 7year anni img3

■ Lucky 7 Scout

A special type of gacha will be available every 7th of each month until April of next year! Here’s how it works: Every time it’s the 7th of a given month, this gacha will be available until the 8th.

The first gacha is coming on May 7, with further appearances on June 7, July 7, and so on. And what’s more, the chance to get a 5-star is bumped to 7%!

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■ Thank You! 7 Years! 5-Star Select Scout

From April 28 to June 7, a special ticket will be sold in the shop, which can be used in this Thank You! 7 Years! 5-Star Select Scout. It will prompt you to choose an idol and then you’ll instantly get the idol you choose.

Please note that the ticket itself will expire and vanish from your inventory on April 27, 2023.

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7th Anniversary Login Bonus

Log in every day to the Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music from April 28 to May 22 to get special voiced dialogue from the idols, as well as up to 250 Diamonds!

enstars 7year anni img2

Ensemble Stars!! 7th Anniversary Celebratory Course

From April 28 to May 22, the Surprising Thanks!! celebratory course will be available. This course will change its mechanics depending if you’re playing Ensemble Stars!! Basic or Music, but in both versions, you can obtain items and exchange them for rewards.

enstars 7year anni img7

Decorate your Office Like a Casino!

From April 28 to May 31, special casino-themed furniture can be purchased at the shop in Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music. Now you can turn your offices into a casino! Furthermore, the casino machine will feature two distinct animations that can play at random when an idol interacts with it.

enstars 7year anni img8

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