Bleach: Brave Souls Celebrates Spirits Are Forever With You Collaboration Campaign from April 30


KLab announced that its hit 3D action game Bleach: Brave Souls will hold a collaboration event featuring characters from Tite Kubo’s novel Spirits Are Forever With You (SAFWY) starting April 30.

The event will have a special Summons featuring special SAWFY collaboration versions of Kenpachi Zaraki, Kenpachi Azashiro, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, and great campaigns including a free Summons, a login bonus, and more.

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Don’t forget to join the social media campaigns, where participants will have the opportunity to win a Brave Souls original mask case and in-game items.

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Bleach: Brave Souls SAFWY Step-Up Summons

The SAFWY collaboration versions of Kenpachi Zaraki, Kenpachi Azashiro, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki will debut in the Step-Up Summons! Step 1 is free, and Step 6 of the x10 Summons guarantees one of twelve featured ★5 characters!

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Free SAFWY & CFYOW Summons

In celebration of the novel collaboration, each player will get one free Summons! One featured ★5 character guaranteed!

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Free Brave Souls Summons Mix

One free x10 Summons will be available every day for up to 10 days from May 3 to May 19!

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Kon’s Guide to the Kenpachi

The super-popular Kon’s commentary corner has returned and this time it’ll be all about the Kenpachi! Clear the quest to collect points and exchange them for Special Move Source (Technique) and more great rewards!

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Side Story: Spirits Are Forever With You Part 4

A new story produced under the extensive supervision of Tite Kubo and Ryogo Narita debuts! Brand new scenes and characters beautifully reproduced in color premiere in the world of Bleach: Brave Souls.

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In addition, there will be more limited-time campaigns including SAFWY Collaboration Special Orders and SAFWY Collaboration Campaign Login Bonus.

SAFWY Collaboration Celebration PV Campaign Begins

The SAFWY Collaboration PV campaign will be held from April 26 to May 2. Fifty winners will be chosen from the participants to receive a Bleach: Brave Souls original mask case!

To participate, follow the official SNS account (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram) and retweet/ comment/ like the campaign post!

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Introduce Yourself and your Favorite Characters on Twitter! Connect with Brave Souls Campaign!

Write a tweet introducing yourself and your favorite character and then attach the hashtag “#connectwithbravesouls”. Enter the campaign and earn points by liking and retweeting other tweets with the “#connectwithbravesouls” hashtag.

The campaign is currently available until May 2.

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