Uma Musume Pretty Derby Gets New Mini Anime, and More!


As Uma Musume Pretty Derby wrapped up day 2 of its 4th event “Special Dreamers”, they announced the production of a new mini anime! The anime is titled “UmaYuru”, and appears to be a light-hearted comedy series based on the daily lives of the horse girls!

The short series is produced by Scooter Films, whose previous work was a short anime series based on Yostar’s Mahjong Soul! UmaYuru is slated to come out in Fall 2022.

New Uma Musume Short Anime – UmaYuru PV

Uma Musume New Horse Girl – Symboli Kris S, and Tanino Gimlet!

Didn’t know some of those faces? Those are the two new horse girls making their way to the Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game!

Symboli Kris S – CV:  Harukawa Meiku

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Tanino Gimlet – CV: Matsuoka Misato

Uma Musume 4th event day 2 002

Harukawa Meiku previously performed as Himari Nanase in the tokusatsu series “Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga”, and Matsuoka Misato is known for her performance as Mizusaki Tsubame in “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!”. Tanino Gimlet in real life was also the sire for the horse Vodka!

Sakura Laurel Gets a Manga Spinoff!

Outgoing horse girl Sakura Laurel will be starring in her own Manga spinoff! The manga will be available on Young jump, and will also be available on Shonen Jump Plus, though it is unknown if an English translation will be made available.

Uma Musume 4th event day 2 004

Three Horse Girls to Receive New Nendoroids!

GoodSmile has announced that they will be releasing Nendoroids of Oguri Cap, Daiwa Scarlet, and Twin Turbo!

Uma Musume 4th event day 2 003

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