LINE: Monster Farm is Having a Closed Beta for 5000 Players!


LINE: Monster Farm, the mobile game announced back in April, has opened signups for its closed beta test, and 5000 lucky players will be able to play the game early! The test will be available for both iOS and Android users, with 2500 available slots for each platform.

LINE: Monster Farm Details

Monster Farm, also known as Monster Rancher, is a Japanese media franchise and series of life simulation RPGs created by Tecmo. The core of the game has players engage in its unique breeding system to create different monsters. Players can influence their stats and appearances through music, battle, and training!

Monster Farm

This upcoming mobile title promises a brand new breeding method, with the player’s goal to become the number 1 breeder in the land! The game will also add in completely new species of monsters, and players will be able to breed monsters with the help of their friends on LINE!

Monster Farm Beta 002 1
Monster Farm Beta Feature

Signups begin today and will end on May 17, at 11:59 [JST]. Afterward, those that have been selected to participate will be able to play the game from May 24, 15:00 [JST] until June 1 11:59 [JST]. Signups are available on the official LINE: Monster Farm website!

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