Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Digital Event In A Nutshell


Capcom hosted a digital event yesterday to show off features and monsters in Monster Hunter Rise‘s upcoming Sunbreak expansion, which is set to release June 30, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Here’s everything they showed off at the event!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Monsters

The digital event announced the return of Seregios, the flagship monster for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as well as subspecies, Aurora Somnacanth, and Magma Almudron!

■ Seregios

The Thousand-Edged Dragon makes a return since its last appearance in Monster Hunter X. This dangerous monster has a host of powerful attacks using its scales and its talons that will inflict bleed whenever it hits a hunter. Bleed will cause you to lose health when moving, so crouch to get rid of it!

Monster Hunter Rise
MH RISE Sunbreak Seregios 002

■ Aurora Somnacanth

The guild detected a unique subspecies of the Somnacanth, known as the Aurora Somnacanth! This monster’s attacks are ice-based, and will freeze the hunter on contact. It’s able to slide around with his chilling aura surrounding its body!

MH RISE Sunbreak Aurora Somnacancth 001
MH RISE Sunbreak Aurora Somnacancth 002

■ Magma Almudron

The Elderly Mud Wyvern mutates to Magma Almudron! This version of Almudron attacks solely with Magma attacks, and will dig into the ground to heat up its body for more devastating attacks. Expect moves that hit even harder than the original species!

MH RISE Sunbreak Magma Almudron 001
MHR Sunbreak Magma Almudron 002

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Malzeno Details

Details of Sunbreak’s flagship monster, Malzeno were unveiled along with glimpses of its attack and unique mechanics.

MH RISE Sunbreak Malzeno 002

Malzeno will inflict the Bloodblight status effect. When a hunter is affected by bloodblight, they will “enter a battle of life force”. From the footage, the hunter’s health is seen being drained over time, but every time the hunter hits Malzeno, they recover some of that health, and presumably is rid of the debuff after dealing enough damage to Malzeno.

MH RISE Sunbreak Malzeno 003

If the hunter fails to get rid of bloodblight, Malzeno will drain enough life force allowing it to evolve to become even stronger.

MH RISE Sunbreak Malzeno 004

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Follower Quests!

The game will add a new quest type, called Follower Quests. These single player only quests will have AI companions join the player in a hunt. The AI has their own weapon specialization, and can use items and traps to support the player. As the player progresses, they will be able to pick from a list of followers they want to support them. However the list of followers will be different, depending on which region the player is in for the quest.

MH RISE Sunbreak Followers 001
MH RISE Sunbreak Followers 002
MH RISE Sunbreak Followers 003
Capcom also stated players can earn exclusive rewards, so players may need to farm follower quests for certain items!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Evolved Hunter Actions!

Sunbreak will expand on the game’s wire bug mechanic, by adding more switch skills, silkbind attacks, and the ability to swap between 2 sets of switch skills mid-hunt!

MH RISE Sunbreak Hunter Actions 002

Hunters will be able to register 2 sets of hunter switch skills before a hunt starts. Then when the hunt begins, players can swap between these two sets to chain together silk bind attacks, or to switch it up for multi-monster hunts!

MH RISE Sunbreak Hunter Actions 003

The hunter will play a short animation while swapping switch skills, however they will also be able to evade out it, giving players more freedom when moving around, and not be locked into a spot when swapping switch skills!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Quality of Life Changes!

Capcom will also be adding some quality of life tweaks, to the game! First is the ability to run up walls without waiting for a wirebug dash. This means for players that are zipping across the map, they won’t need to wait for their wirebugs to recover, before being able to climb tall walls!

image 1

Players will now also have the option to not automatically ride the monster when attacking. You can adjust the controls so that you will only ride a monster when your weapon is sheathed!

MH RISE Sunbreak QOL 002
MH RISE Sunbreak QOL 003 1

Capcom will be releasing a series of videos showing off the new silkbind attacks for each weapons! Presumably this will be similar to the series they did for each weapon before Monster Hunter Rise’ release.

MH RISE Sunbreak QOL 004

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Pro Controller!

A brand new pro controller was also announced! This slick controller has the design of Malzeno on the front of the controller, and will be made available soon!

MH RISE Sunbreak Controller 001

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