Kamikai Kiden’s Launch Shoots It To The Top of Store Rankings in Japan!


Yuanfun game’s brand new mobile MMORPG Kamikai Kiden -The Illusion of Eight Million Gods- officially launched on iOS and Android today on May 11 in Japan, and has already topped the free game charts of Google Play and App Store!

Kamikai Kiden PV

Kamikai Kiden Game System

Kamikai Kiden is an MMORPG based on Japanese mythology. As a resident, you can control one of eight classes/characters simultaneously, exploring the endless mythical world. Embark on a grand adventure through a full-fledged mythical story.

Kamikai Kiden

Players can also engage in the game’s god-dwelling system. If a player has difficulty clearing a stage, they can use the game’s “Kamijiku” to channel their chosen god, and gain almighty power to defeat their enemies! Players can also train these gods to gain further power when using them.

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The game features real-time combat and cooperative play with other players. The game has options for manual, and automatic controls for leisurely farming. Don’t feel like fighting? There is also a plethora of minigame and casual modes and activities to enjoy alone or with friends!

Kamikai Kiden Image 012
Kamikai Kiden Image 007

Kamikai Kiden Voice Actors!

The game features a selection of famous voice actors for several of the game’s characters!

Kamikai Kiden Image 006

■ Brahma – CV: Tomokazu Sugita
■ Shiranui – CV: Ayane Takekatsu
■ Mahsei – CV: Shūhei Sakaguchi 
■ Sakuya – CV: Yurina Amami
■ Tamamo – CV: Sumire Uesaka
■ Kanshou – CV: Shun’ichi Toki 
■ Head Priest – CV: Haruki Ishiya
■ Kirigaku – CV: Marina Inoue

Kamikai Kiden Release Campaign!

■ Release Campaign “Server Carnival”!

To celebrate its pre-registration milestone of 300,000 players, Kamikai Kiden is giving away several goodies including the “Inari Fox” skin for for for all players logging in!

Kamikai Kiden Image 008

Release Event: “Hyakkiren Gift”

Players with a playtime of 60 minutes, and who own a character above level 30 can receive several items from the free consecutive gacha! One of the rarest rewards is the spirit beast Seiro Rensen!

Kamikai Kiden Image 009

Release limited event “Daily Login reward

Kamikai Kiden Image 010

From May 11, until May 17, players that login for a number of days will receive special rewards!
3 Day Login Reward: Ogami Jitsumei Spirit
7 Day Login Reward: Ryoten no Kamiwashi Mount
11 Day Login Reward: Unique title, Myosei of the God World!

Release event “Daily Sign in” Event!

Kamikai Kiden Image 011

Players who log in for 30 days will receive 600 free original treasures and the unique Pearl of the Serpent amulet!

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