Tenkei Paradox Review – A Casual and Fun Strategic Turn-Based RPG


As the latest addition of DMM Games, which is known to produce tons of monotonous waifu gacha games, Tenkei Paradox catches our attention with its fun-filled 3D strategic gameplay. The moe characters and heartwarming story also provide a stress-free environment for you to simply enjoy its fantasy world. And of course, for those who want to increase your waifu collection, it is the perfect option with a rather generous gacha rate and arrays of selections.

Tenkei Paradox Review - A Casual and Fun Strategic Turn-Based RPG

A Story of Revelation and Fate

Tenkei Paradox has rather unique and intriguing storytelling as it starts without giving a detailed explanation regarding its back story. One day, you (the protagonist) meet the heroine, a chirpy and cute girl named Macaron, her friend Sofia and their pet monster during your journey. The story starts nice and slow but suddenly makes a quick turn as you were told that humanity has fallen from god’s graces and is cursed after they disobey the commandments set by the God of Revelation a long time ago.

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Without exception, the protagonist is also cursed by the Gods and is deemed as the enemy of the world. It also explains why you started this journey of redemption at the very beginning. Don’t worry about the rather heavy and dark world setting, the pure and innocent Macaron will lighten the mood with her kawaii reactions to everything you encounter along the journey. As there’re still lots of secrets yet to be unveiled in Tenkei Paradox, it keeps you following how their journey goes. All of the characters are also fully voiced in order to provide a complete gaming experience.

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A Strategic Turn-Based Combat with Vivid 3D Graphics

The combat of Tenkei Paradox is just what we expected from the style of the game. It is flashy, cute, and strategic. All characters have their own special cinematic short animation when you use their skills and abilities in combat. The quality of the game is actually quite high as you can see the effects that they put on the beautiful 3D models and combat actions.

The gameplay follows a rather traditional turn-based game mechanic that requires you to adopt different strategies to clear the stages Players can move the characters on the grid-like battlefield when it is their turn and attack the enemies considering the character’s attack range. The turn order of the characters, both allies, and enemies, is displayed clearly at the top.

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The rest of the quality-of-life features such as 3X battle speed which enhances the gameplay experience by reducing the time spent in grinding as well as the handy “AUTO” battle mode are also available. The auto-battle mode works flawlessly and players can even configure which skills their characters can use on priority. In the settings, players can find the option to reduce animation or completely shut them down so as to reduce battle time. 

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Heaven for Waifu Collectors

One thing we can say for sure is that Tenkei Paradox excels at the quality and quantity of waifu characters that are collectible via the in-game gacha. DMM Games have been always the go-to publishers for high-quality waifu collectors, so you can expect nothing less from Tenkei Paradox. All high/low-rariety girls have special skill animations and lobby animations. You can even unlock special previews and stories of particular characters after strengthening and developing bonding with them.  

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Your waifus will feature their own live 3D semi-chibi and 2D versions, which can be seen in battles, and on the character screen, respectively. Players can collect Shaolin masters, teachers, bunny ninjas, schoolgirls, nurses, etc. This makes the collective aspect of the game even more lucrative. The gacha summoning currency is also quite generous as you proceed forward.

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A Strong Formation Leads to Victory

When we talk about Tenkei Paradox, we cannot stress enough how well-made the gameplay systems are. It harbors all the features you can find in a strategic turn-based RPG. Players can customize their formations and place characters which have element advantages depending on the stage/boss you are fighting. It also has an auto-equip function that chooses the most powerful characters in the formation. You can also find the suggested formations for various stages and dungeons which other players have used and cleared successfully.

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Strategy-wise, the gameplay also is very in-depth, and you will have to take multiple battles to learn the combat mechanics. Each character is also very different and can be built differently according to the player’s choice.

For example, DPS characters can deal heavy damage output but cannot take more damage. Hence, players will need to place their tanks and warriors in a formation where enemies cannot touch their DPS heroes. Similarly, healers also have a specific range of healing. Players need to strategize and use formations so that they can clear the stage while also completing the various missions associated with that stage to earn more currency. 

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Amazing Quality of Life Features for Casual Gamers

Tenkei Paradox is not your regular heavy grinding turn-based RPG where players need to constantly challenge the same stage to collect resources and enhance their characters. It has a convenient system that lets players easily skip stages with tickets, and instantly get the materials. More importantly, skip tickets are super easy to obtain.

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Players can also instantly level up their waifus by the auto-level up method which will consume all your materials and instantly level up your character to the highest level.

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Should You Play Tenkei Paradox?

If you are a waifu collector and strategic turn-based RPG lover, Tenkei Paradox is a great game that you can’t afford to neglect. They bring true justice to the SRPG genre which has been long looked upon as providing a grinding-is-a-must gaming experience. All the quantity-of-life features have drastically lowered the time spent in the game while still having tons of things to do and have fun. 

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