Megaton Musashi Season 1 Special Anime Airs on July 8


Megaton Musashi mecha-action anime will evolve with a special anime coming July 8! The special edition will bring back the 1st season with revised scenes, reviving cut scenes, and many visual enhancements! If you have never seen the original anime, this will be your chance to view it in its best form!

Megaton Musashi is an anime based on a video game of the same name on Nintendo Switch and PS4! The mech-combat RPG was released in November 2021, and features fast action-packed gameplay, with customizable mechs and a stylish anime aesthetic!

Megaton Musashi Special Edition Preview Shots!

Megaton Musashi
megaton musashi 003
megaton musashi 009
megaton musashi 004
megaton musashi 005

Megaton Musashi Anime Story

Several years ago, 99.9 % of the human race was wiped out by mysterious aliens, known only as Dracters. Burrowing deep into the earth to escape their aggressors, humanity had no choice but to wait in fear, for the day they will be wiped out. The inhabitants of Ixia had their memories wiped, and live in peaceful ignorance of what had truly happened. However, some children of Ixia, the chosen ones are selected to become pilots to fight off the Dracters, piloting giant mechanized suits known as Rogues. And a new pilot has been selected…

Megaton Musashi Anime Special Edition Staff

■ General Director / Planning/ Original Work: Akihiro Hino
■ Director: Shigeharu Takahashi
■ Series Composition / Screenplay: Akihiro Hino
■ Character Design Original: Takuzou Nagano
■ Art Concept: Toshihiko Kuriaki
■ Character Design: Yuuji Ikeda
■ Music: Kenichiro Saigo
■ Sound Director: Ryou Tanaka
■ Animation Production: OLM

Megaton Musashi Season 2 Announced!

Megaton Musashi will also be renewed for a second season! The anime announced back in December of 2021, that the show’s second season will air in October 2022! More details will be announced in the future!

megaton musashi 008

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