TVT Announces Three Game Projects Featuring God Eater Staff


Established in 2019 by Toshiyuki Yasui, creator of God Eater, video game developer Tokyo Virtual Theory (aka TVT) announced that they are producing three new projects since May.

The three projects are an in-house game engine specifically for network games, a multiplayer rhythm game currently known as “Project JabberWocky”, and a multiplayer action game currently known as “Project Shaz”.

Research & Development Theory Engine

The Theory Engine, which is currently in R&D internally, is a middleware tech engine created specifically to handle the production and management of online games. It is an open-platform network engine that enables the creation of high-fidelity real-time multiplayer games. It aims to provide a multiplayer environment that feels faster while remaining serverless. TVT has said they will be working on this engine for the development of their future multiplayer titles.

■ Lead Engineer: Yoshikazu Satake (God Eater)
■ Engineer: Daisuke Emura (God Eater, Sky Gunner)
■ Engineer: Toshinari Takahashi


Project JabberWocky

Project JabberWocky is a rhythm-action game spearheaded by the director of Patapon, Hiroyuki Kotani alongside sound creator Kenmei Adachi. The game will feature a cast of cute and colorful characters and will implement TVT’s Theory Engine to provide a seamless multiplayer experience.

Director: Hiroyuki Kotani (Patapon, XI [sai], Mad Maestro!, Sky Gunner)
Producer: Kazuto Sakajiri (The Eye of Judgment, Magatsu Wahrheit)
Sound: Kenmei Adachi (Patapon, LocoRoco, Gran Turismo)
Main Artist: Nelnal (@nelnalium)

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Project Shaz

TVT’s third project is a multiplayer action game from the developers of God Eater. The story will also be handled by Toshiyuki Yasui, and Tomokazu Fukushima who were responsible for the story behind Freedom Wars. This is a title that will be able to handle multiplayer between several players at once with the studio’s Theory Engine.

■ Producer: Toshiyuki Yasui (God Eater, Freedom Wars)
■ Scenario: Tomokazu Fukishima (Metal Gear Solid, Freedom Wars)
■ Director: Kenei Nakasha (.hack//G.U., JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle)
■ Art Director: Rin Kususaga (LORD of VERMILION, Fate/Grand Order)

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