Crystarise Open-World Action RPG Coming to Steam on October 28


The open-world isometric RPG developed by YUKIUSAGI Games, Crystarise is coming to PC via Steam! The game’s release date of October 28 was unveiled at Indie Live Expo 2022, and it can be added to your wishlist now!

The game centers on a young girl, who is entrusted with becoming the guardian deity of a mysterious sky island. To develop this island further, the young girl travels into the vast “great” world, to explore, and gather resources to develop the island, bringing it land, resources, and eventually, life.

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Crystarise Trailer

Crystarise Gameplay

Crystarise is an open-world ARPG that combines field exploration action and base customization. As players explore the world, they will be able to collect a vast variety of items to upgrade their base, while also getting stronger.

The game plays as an isometric action game. Players will deal with monsters, dungeons, and many other dangers as they explore from screen to screen. By combining melee, and ranged combat, players can defeat monsters and reap valuable rewards to customize their sky island. The game’s map is procedurally generated and the player’s island can grow indefinitely so players will never run out of things to do!

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As the players’ island grows with NPCs, and buildings they can even add NPCs to their island! By bringing new people, the player can be granted special powers to aid them in their adventure! Think of building a windmill to move faster, or collecting a lot of slimes to get a slime helmet!

Crystarise is set to release on October 28 on Steam and is available for wishlisting now.

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