DanMachi Memoria Freese 5th Anniversary Eve Campaign Runs from May 25


Danmachi Memoria Freese/ DanMemo is getting ready to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of its Japanese server from May 25 until June 16! The game’s global version will also share in the celebrations, bringing events, gachas, outfits, login bonuses, and ways to get a guaranteed 4★ characters!

DanMachi Memoria Freese New Tale

A new Tale Lullaby of the Kiln and the Flame will be available, which will let players re-experience several key moments of DanMemo’s numerous events from the last year!
Completing the event will grant you a Lullaby Exg. Ticket, which you can exchange for a 4★ guaranteed gacha ticket of your choice! Stages in Lullaby of the Kiln will be released over time.

Event Period: May 25, 18:00 to June 16, 21:59 [PST]

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 017

DanMachi Memoria Freese New Characters

Two new characters have been added to DanMemo! Epimetheus, and Ilia, who appeared in the 4th Anniversary Event Aedes Vesta will now be available as limited 4★ Units! Don’t miss your chance to grab them from the Lullaby of the Kiln gacha before it disappears!

Danmachi Memoria Freese

■ 4★[Sanctuary Priestess] Ilia

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 015

4★ [Aethon’s Hero] Epimetheus 

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 016

DanMachi Memoria Freese – Login Bonuses

To celebrate DanMemo Japan’s 5th Anniversary Eve, players logging in from May 26 to June 17 will be able to collect 100 Iris every day for 5 days!

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 013

DanMachi Memoria Freese Countdown Rerun Gachas

Leading up to the 5th Anniversary, various gachas from the past year will be available again as reruns! Check the event details to see the gacha contents and schedules!
■ Selectable Rerun Gachas

Aedes Vesta -Sacred Advent- Gacha
Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Gacha
Aedes Vesta -Heroic Torch- Gacha
■ A Midsummer Night’s Sabbath Gacha
(JP)4.5 Year Anniversary Gacha
1500 Days Anniversary Gacha
Pop Stars Live Show Battle Gacha
(JP)The 100th Record Buster Gacha
Argonaut Gacha: Recollective Tale
Is It Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in the Dungeon? Gacha
On the Side – Main Story Release Gacha Ep.9-10
On the Side – Main Story Release Gacha Ep.11-12
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya Part I Gacha
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya Part II Gacha
Bell Main Story Release Gacha Ep.4z8-51
Bell Main Story Release Gacha Ep. 52-55
Giga Crisis of the Creators Gacha
Requiem of Death and the Maze Gacha
Dan memo 5th anniv eve 011

DanMachi Memoria Freese – Sacred Flame Festival Gacha

The Sacred Flame Festival Gacha is here! For a limited time, you can pick 3 of the 21 limited units from the 4th anniversary to be pulled in this gacha! Afterward, you can pull on this gacha 7 times, with each time guaranteeing a 4★ Character! This gacha can only be pulled using Paid Iris.

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 009

DanMachi Memoria Freese – Master of Familia War Game

A special tournament will be held for the top 16 Familias of the Hero League in Familia War Game Season 21. Participating players will be able to do battle with the other 15 Familias to decide which one is truly the best! Non-participating players can join in on the fun by placing their bets on the winning group!

Master of Familia War Game Period: June 8, 18:00 to June 13, 06:59 [PST]

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 008

DanMachi Memoria Freese – 5th Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus

On the week leading up to the JP server’s 5th anniversary, a countdown login bonus will be available! Players logging in on these days will be able to collect an assortment of special items, and a mysterious gift on the day before the anniversary!

June 12: Ascension Falna x5
June 13: Hero Falna x15
June 14: Hero Light x3
June 15: 4★ Gtd. Ticket x1
June 16: Mystery Gift!

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 007

DanMachi Memoria Freese – Liliruca and Finn’s Order Made Outfits

Available from May 25 onwards, Finn and Liliruca’s order-made outfit sets will be added to the game! You can change their outfits from the interaction and home screen. These special outfits will give them unique voice lines, and even change their Special Arts animations!

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 006
Dan memo 5th anniv eve 005
Dan memo 5th anniv eve 004

DanMachi Memoria Freese – Bonus Iris Campaign and Bundle

You can purchase Iris at a discount during this campaign! You can purchase each gem package 3 times during this period, and there are 5th Anniversary Eve bundles with various gifts and even a Kiln&Flame 4★ Gtd. Ticket will be available!

Dan memo 5th anniv eve 003
Dan memo 5th anniv eve 002

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