Diablo Immortal Class Guide – Which Class Suits Your Playstyles?


The long-waited Diablo Immortal finally makes its way to mobile and PC! With six different classes to choose from, new players may find it hard to choose the right one that suits their playstyle. Especially when the game only offers a short description of the classes, chances are that it might not be enough for you to make this big decision.

In this Diablo Immortal Class Guide, we will be listing the play style and skill sets of each class as well as the pros and cons that you might face when role-playing in a particular class. We hope that it helps you to make the right decision and reduces the time to retrain a class that copes with your playstyle.

Diablo Immortal Class Guide


Barbarians, the bulky beasts that specialize in dishing out physical damage from a short/melee range, is one of the most notable classes in Diablo Immortal as their role in the Diablo video game series has been the same since its inception.

Barbarians are usually the tanks for the team and are expected to go full-out crazy on the battlefield, paying much less attention to the positioning or what’s going on on the map. They can do this because of their ridiculously high base defenses and easy-to-use abilities which are great for new players. As players level up their skillset and unlock more skills for Barbarians, they can customize and shape their playstyle according to their liking. For example, they can choose to play as a defensive bulky tank that can sustain itself or choose to play as a sturdy yet powerful melee damage dealer which can also do AOE damage. 

Diablo Immortal Class Guide - Which Class Suits Your Playstyles?
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Should You Choose Barbarian?

Barbarians are a great class for new players and is absolutely recommended to those who are not familiar with the flow of battles in Diablo games. However, for Veterans who have played and experienced previous Diablo games, choosing the Barbarian class might be a bit boring when they are aware of its monotonous play style.

Diablo Immortal Barbarian


Crusaders can be considered more or less a tanker but less damaging versions of Barbarians. Crusaders have an even higher Defense and larger HP pool to deplete than the Barbarians. They are more prone to getting hit due to this and act as front-line damage absorbers in Diablo Immortal.

Crusaders can also take up melee skills and AOE skill but their melee skills do a lot less damage. They can be good support for other team members due to their supportive abilities which can help buff allies and protect from burst damage by mitigating it. They are most notable for their large-scale party buffs and AOE-damaging skills.  

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Should You Choose Crusader?

Crusaders are your go-to choice if you like being at the center of the battlefield and want to enjoy the battle as much as possible without caring about getting killed by enemies. They are also expected to weave AOE damaging spells in between to provide buffs for allies to decimate enemies. It is also highly recommended for new players who just join Diablo Immortal. 

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Wizards, the classic runic mages of Diablo are making their comeback in Diablo Immortal with their powerful and large-scale AOE damaging abilities which deal magical damage. Wizards are the best possible option as a pure DPS for damage lovers who enjoy slaughtering enemies on a large scale.

They have very high base stats for Attack and high multipliers on their abilities which also assists them in becoming a DPS king. This massive amount of damage does come at a cost – extremely low base defenses. This makes the Wizards squishier than an ant on the battlefield and food to many Barbarians and Demon Hunters who like to get up close and personal. 

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Should You Choose Wizard?

Wizard is the best choice for players who are damage-loving buffs and want to decimate everything they see in their surroundings. They possess a high capability of doing continuous DPS and controlling enemies. Their downfall comes due to their low HP pools and defenses, putting them at risk of getting killed easily. They may not be the best options for beginners but veterans who understand how to dodge enemy spells and attack-move to weave spells in-between will love min-maxing the damage capabilities of Wizards.

DI Wizard


Monks are not entirely similar to Wizard as they are made out to be. Yes, they possess similarities like having high damaging spells and low base Defenses making them susceptible to assassinations by enemies. However, Monk also provides a vast array of Supportive abilities which not only provide party buffs to help allies but also have a plethora of crowd control spells to keep the enemies at bay. Monks also possess a good amount of mix between single targeted spells and AOE targeted spells.  

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Should You Choose Monk?

Monks are not the safest bet for new players but are fun to play with the versatile play style that does not limit them to only playing as a damage dealer or tank. Monks are recommended for players who are eager to learn the flow of battle and have a good sense of map awareness.

Diablo Immortal Monk


Necromancers control the undead and bend their will to follow their commands. Most Necromancers make use of the tactic where they raise the killed enemies from the dead in order to make them play as tank. This makes them one of the best early-mid progression classes of choice as they can clear the PvE story mode quite easily without even getting scratched.

Necromancers in Diablo Immortal are often referred to as a single player’s paradise class just because of their powerful AOE damaging abilities and their access to infinite bodyguards at their own disposal.   

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Should You Choose Necromancer?

Playing a Necromancer might sound lucrative because of his unique play style but getting to master them is an entirely different process. Not everywhere players will find corpses of enemies easy to control and fight with. It requires a lot of training in order to master them. However, based on progression and min-maxing alone, Necromancers is one of the best choices for new players starting out in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are the quintessential ranged damage dealers that are popular in the Diablo video game franchise for defeating enemies from a huge range and wreaking havoc on bosses with their exceptionally high damaging single targeted abilities.

Apart from their access to a limited amount of AOE damaging abilities and low base defenses, Demon Hunters are primarily used for only killing bosses and elite enemies faster. They excel at dealing burst physical damage upon enemies which also makes them a bad choice for new players who are starting out and want fast progression, especially if they are soloing and not at a party with friends.

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Should You Choose Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunters are best played in groups and at parties as they can deal a massive amount of damage to the boss or elite monsters. They are not recommended for new players unless they have a high fixation on playing a ranged character with high damaging capabilities. 

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

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