Momosuzu Nene Collaborates with Cup Noodle for a Live Concert on June 25


Nissin Cup Noodle announced a collaboration with Hololive‘s Momosuzu Nene for a brand new campaign known as Neneiro Noodle! (ねねいろNOODLE). The collaboration comes in the form of a sponsored cup noodle live stream with Nene, a cover of DECO*27’s original song “Salamander” (サラマンダー), and a special live concert!

About the Momosuzu Nene x Cup Noodle Collab

The collaboration is separated into three main parts, a live stream, a cover of an original song, and a live concert, here are the details we know of the collaboration:

■ Cup Noodle Sunday

Cup Noodle Sunday is coming! On June 19, 2022, 14:00 [JST], Momusuzu Nene will be hosting a special live stream featuring cup noodle products! She will be going over the various flavors of cup noodles, and her favorite ones! Check out her stream when it goes live on her official youtube channel

■ Momosuzu Salamander Cover

Momosuzu Nene will be singing the original song “Salamander” (サラマンダー), created by Deco*27. The song was created for the collaboration between Vocaloid and cup noodles and features the motifs of the Cup Noodle Chilli Tomato Noodles, and Cup Noodle Spicy Noodles. Deco*27 is a well-known music creator in the Vocaloid community, responsible for several covers and original songs such as “Ghost Rule”, “Vampire”, and “Ai Kotoba” (愛言葉).

The cover of the song will be released on June 22, 2022, 19:00 [JST].

Momosuzu nene

■ Neneiro NOODLE Live

Issin Noodle will be hosting a live concert called Neniro NOODLE Live with Momosuzu Nene as part of Nissin Foods Power Station Reboot, the first “music specialized non-audience live house”. Nene will be singing the theme of Cup Noodles, along with various other songs, with special guests at the live concert!

The live concert will begin on June 25, 19:00 to 20:15 [JST]. Tickets to the concert are available on the official website but will apparently only be available to viewers in Japan. Tickets for the concert start from JPY$3,300 for the standard ticket, to JPY$6,600 for the special ticket which comes with a cheer function that can be used 10 times, live off-shot data, and a PC wallpaper drawn by Nishizawa 5mm. Those that miss the live concert can still watch the concert as it will be archived until July 2, 2022, 23:59 [JST]

nene x cup noodle 0012

About Momosuzu Nene

A girl who came from another world to become an idol, and loves singing dancing and drawing so she can by loved by many! Momosuzu Nene is a fifth generation member of Hololive, Cover Co’s, Vtuber idol agency. Momosuzu Nene is known by her fans as Nenechi and has a gleeful attitude, positive demeanor, and mischievous personality! Nene is also part of the group NEGI☆U alongside members Oozora Subaru and Minato Aqua.

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