Pokémon Unite Introduces Delphox and Season 8 Battle Pass


Pokémon Unite has added a new playable Pokémon, a new battle pass, new avatar items and Holowear, and a new event to tie it all together with the “The Fighter is Here” theme. Among the new Season 8 Battle Pass, players can also obtain rewards such as the Champion Style Holowear for Dragonite and the Bujutsu Style for Lucario!

Along with several new pieces of avatar clothing and additional Holowear, players can finally get more items out of the Holowear Ticket Exchange, including Cook Style: Cramorant, Cook Style: Mr. Mime, and Fashionable Style: Absol.

Pokémon Unite Season 8 Battle Pass PV

New Pokémon – Delphox

The Unite License for Delphox is now available at the Unite Battle Office. It is an attack-type Pokémon and its Unite move is Magical Festival. At the same time, a Holowear will also be available.

Pokémon Unite Introduces Delphox and Season 8 Battle Pass

Play and Collect Gold Medals!

Play lots of battles and get rewards! Players can exchange the obtained Gold Badges collected by completing the event missions starting June 9 for various items, such as Aeos Tickets, Holowear Tickets, Item Enhancers, and more!

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