Hololive’s Minato Aqua Gets Love Novel Game Launching on October 27


Entergram announced a new visual novel game titled Aquarium featuring Minato Aqua from Hololive. More info will be revealed when the official site opens up on June 30. The game launches on October 27, 2022, on Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

Little is known about the title currently, however, the game’s official Twitter said that the game a love novel, and with Entergram’s track record of producing many visual novel games, and porting them to consoles, the game is likely to be a visual novel dating sim game where you take Minato Aqua out to various locations. It has yet to be confirmed whether other Hololive members will make an appearance.

Minato Aqua

About Minato Aqua

An eccentric airhead who loves singing, and playing video games, and is probably not qualified to be a maid, Minato Aqua is a second-generation member of Hololive, Cover Co’s, Vtuber idol agency. She is known by many of her fans as an onion, due to the color and shape of her hair, and has a cheery attitude on stream, but is always the butt of many jokes and is known to be incredibly shy to strangers! Minato Aqua is part of the group NEGI☆U alongside members Oozora Subaru and Momosuzu Nene.

minato aqua love novel 002

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