Obey Me! Season 2 Anime Debuts in July 2022


The official Twitter account for LTT Solamare’s otome game Obey Me! announced that its TV anime adaptation is getting a second season that will premiere this July. The key visual for the second season has also been revealed.

Obey Me! Season 2 Anime Debuts in July 2022

The first season of Obey Me! was previously released in 2021, and the first three episodes, which were streamed on YouTube have received a total of over 3 million views. And now, it will return in July 2022 for Season 2 with even more coolness and comicality!

Just like Season 1, the second season will be animated by Colored Pencil Animation Japan, with the same voice cast and staff as the previous one.

Obey Me! Season 1 Releasing on Blu-Ray!

Season 1 of Obey Me! will be released on Blu-Ray on Wednesday, June 29th! The disc will include all episodes of Season 1 (including the special episode)!

Two versions will be sold at Animate. The first is the Normal Edition, which will retail for 8800 yen, and will include the disc, an ending illustration booklet, and 7 special cards of each of the devils, each signed by their voice actor.

The Special Edition will retail for 14,300 yen, and alongside the items already included in the Normal Version, it will include a three-sided outer case with newly drawn illustrations (original work), an additional CD containing newly recorded mini-drama skits, and finally, an acrylic stand with the original outer case illustration.

obey me anime season 2 special edition

Otaku FM Anime and Chill Season 2 Coming Soon!

The web radio program Otaku FM, hosted by Leviathan’s voice, Satoshi Kada, and distributed simultaneously during the first season of the anime, will be back again. Don’t miss the funny and humorous radio show by the cast members who are well known for their talk skills!

The program will be available in the game app and on various official video streaming platforms. Certain side characters are also set to appear in Season 2.

obey me anime season 2 otaku fm

Obey Me! Season 2 Cast

■ Mammon – CV: Hirotaka Kobayashi
■ Lucifer – CV: Kazuya Yamashita
■ Beelzebub – CV: Kyōhei Yaguchi
■ Asmodeus – CV: Miura Ayme
■ Leviathan – CV: Satoshi Kada
■ Belphegor – CV: Satoshi Ōnishi
■ Satan – CV: Shinya Sumi
■ Solomon – CV: Kazuki Kawata
■ Barbatos – CV: Masayuki Harada
■ Luke – CV: Okaki
■ Diavolo – CV: Takuhei Yamamoto
■ Simeon – CV: Yū Hirata

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