【Qoo@IGS2016】A faded storybook:《Liyla and The Shadows of War》




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In 2010, 《Limbo》 tells us that black and grey can be most impressive despite the high-end graphics surrounding us. And for now, a new indie mobile game,《Liyla and The Shadows of War》has came to both platforms. It may look similar to《Limbo》 in surface, but I am sure that it contains even more shocking content that won’t disappoint you.

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Life in aftermath: layers of shadow

The game settings are all based on real scenarios that the design team have researched in Palestine under war. Such an ironic statement to claim as the game looks just the same as other action platform game. The war refugees are living on such “exciting” scenarios everyday. The game contains a little bit puzzle, quick-time events and even RPG elements, making it entertaining besides the serious narrative.

Enter Liyla’s world

Before the game, please make sure you stay at a dimmed silent corner — doesn’t mean that it is a spooky game, but to get really concentrated on it. Be prepared that everything happens in a sudden, together with the excellent sound effects making it impressive and unforgettable. That is Liyla’s world, dark and shocking, you will never know when your surroundings are being destroyed.

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Run Liyla! Run!

Simply have a glance on the name, you may guess you are the girl called Liyla. Yet, throughout the whole journey you are the one who run aside her, all you want to do is to protect her. Still, in such chaotic scenario, you even cannot secure your own live. The only thing you can do is to lead her run from the shadows of war.

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Dilemma under guns

As a father, you should properly educate your little girl, even under full sky of missiles. During your journey to escape from battlefield, you and your little girl encounter dilemmas that need your decision in seconds. Take it serious because they are all actually happened. Think about it after you have make the choice. At last,maybe none of us had a chance to determine Liyla’s life.

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This has happened; and could be happening now.

This is a very upsetting story inspired by a war in Gaza in 2014. This game is not being played for fun, but to remember, to spread the “SOS” from Palestine. Because everyday there are still wars and refugees, children and women died in ignorance. Numberless of them are forced to play such “game of escape” in real life. The whole team of game production are volunteers. They are not dedicated for money , but to feature real incidents like the fall of buildings, UN schools and even ambulances. All they want is to arouse the awareness from public, remind the man-made catastrophe being covered.

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(Source: 《Liyla and The Shadows of War》Official Website)

Final words

It is such a short game that you could finish it within 15 minutes. But lives, thousands were taken a day, not everyone had a chance to grasp their last 15 minutes. When you have gone through the whole game, read through all the messages the game tell you, take a look on the place you stay, look how colourful it is now.

If you want to find out more of the facts illustrated in the game or want to know the talented volunteer team : http://liyla.org/
(It is preferred that you do not open these images until you finish the game)

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