Wacca Arcade Machine Servers Go Offline on August 31


Bad news for arcade fans, as Marvelous and Hardcore Tano*C’s Wacca arcade machines are shutting down its servers on August 31. The game will stop accepting VIP memberships and end a number of features that are currently present in the arcade machine such as rankings, save data, and more.

The machine will still be operating in arcades, but with all of the online functions turned off, it’s unsure how long they will last in your local arcade with many of the core features being turned off.

The arcade machine was released in July 2019 and has run for 3 years and 1 month before its servers go offline.

Wacca Developer Notice

In a news post on the official website, Marvelous thanked players for enjoying the game since its inception and thanked everyone for patronizing the game on a regular basis.

The company stated the servers will officially go offline on August 31, 2022 23:59 [JST]. All registrations for VIP memberships have been suspended since July 18, 2022 and players will still be able to access their “my page” until September 30, 2022 23:59 [JST].

When the servers shut down, rankings will no longer be visible and the game will stop tallying player rankings. The game will still operate as an offline arcade machine, though this means it will no longer read any IC cards such as Aime, Bana passports, and amusement ICs, meaning you can’t create or access your save data.

Marvelous released a list of all the songs that will be available in the offline version, with every difficulty unlocked from the beginning. The company thanked the players one last time and mentioned that the game will have its final event, the curtain call event with new songs added every day from June 24, until July 18.


About Wacca

Wacca is an arcade rhythm game released in Japan, South East Asia, and the United States. The rhythm game uses a cone-shaped cabinet with a touch-screen interface. Players tap, slide, and flick on the cone to the rhythm to score points. The game is notable for featuring songs from the Japanese record label, HARDCORE TANO*C, from artists like as Aran, USAO, t+pazolite, and songs from anime and games like Touhou, Vocaloid, and many more.

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