Sympathy Kiss Reveals Official Website and Character Profiles


Idea Factory’s otome brand Otomate has opened the official website for the upcoming visual novel game Sympathy Kiss, which was previously announced for a 2022 release at the Dessert de Otome event a few months prior.

The story of Sympathy Kiss involves the heroine who was working for almost a year at an app development company, and was used to the usual mediocrity of work. However, she is suddenly reassigned to the production department of an app that is about to end its service. She has to choose the ideal partner that will keep the app alive for years to come. Just what awaits her–?!

Sympathy Kiss Official Website Opens Now

Sympathy Kiss Teaser Movie

Sympathy Kiss Character and Cast

■ Mitsuki Saotome – CV: Gakuto Kajiwara
A young man who is in charge of planning and development. He’s a young genius who always comes up with interesting ideas, but is often ignorant of life. He tends to lead people around using only his guts, but many just go along with him anyway.

sympathy kiss char img 2

■ Kohei Minato – CV: Yuichiro Umehara
A cool and indifferent young man who always does his work well, though he doesn’t seem very motivated about it. Joined the company half a year ago, and although older than the heroine, he often calls her his senpai.

sympathy kiss char img 3

■ Youji Kobase – Kazuyuki Okitsu
A very workaholic person, so much so that you even doubt if he even has free time. Combined with his look and firm tone, he’s feared within the company. He was the one who requested the renewal of the company and personally gathered the members all by himself.

sympathy kiss char img 4

■ Rokuro Yoshioka – CV: Seiichiro Yamashita
The son of Tempesti’s CEO, and also Estario’s business partner. Due to his look, intelligence and wealth, he’s very popular among women. Despite that, he’s now more focused on his work rather than romance. He treats the heroine very kindly, even if the company she belongs to is technically a rival.

sympathy kiss char img 5

■ Nori Tainaka – CV: KENN
A mysterious man the heroine finds collapsed on the street and is now somehow living in your home. He’s a frivolous person, and nobody has a clue on what he’s thinking, but he always puts your mind at ease, for some reason.

sympathy kiss char img 6

■ Shuya Usui – CV: Yuuya Uchida
The owner of a bar named “Ever Green” located near the company. He’s a good listener who always listens to whatever you’re talking about with a smile on his face.

sympathy kiss char img 1

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