Roco Kingdom Mobile Unveils New PV, World Details, and NPCs.


Tencent unveiled a new preview video of its open-world monster-taming mobile MMORPG, Roco Kingdom Mobile, during its Tencent Spark 2022 event. The preview video shows off work-in-progress footage of the game’s town, NPCs from the series, and a preview of the monster’s attacks!

Roco Kingdom is a Chinese multi-media franchise that spans several books, films, webtoons, and television cartoon series. The series takes place in the Roco Kingdom, where the Roco people co-exist with their pets, doing battles and using the pets to help perform daily tasks, much like the Pokemon series.

Roco Kingdom Mobile will be available on iOS and Android, there is no currently no release date.

Roco Kingdom Mobile

Roco Kingdom New PV

About Roco Kingdom Mobile

Roco Kingdom Mobile is an open-world MMORPG based on the Roco Kingdom Franchise being developed by Tencent. The series originally began as a web game over a decade ago and has since evolved into a multi-media franchise in China. Players can explore a vast open world teeming with beasts and Rocos, and do battle with other players, and wild monsters.

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roco kingdom new pv 006
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roco kingdom new pv 007

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