TeeTiny Online MMORPG 2nd CBT Opens Until July 7


TeeTiny Online is back with another Closed Beta Test! The CBT is available globally on Android and PC, ending on July 7, 18:00 [JST]. If you played the previous CBT or missed out on it, now’s your chance to try it again! The game will be released on iOS, Android, and PC, however, iOS users will not be able to participate in the betas as it is still being worked on.

A new trailer was also revealed showing off the gameplay, features, and world, including features such as gardening, home building, and unique outfits!

You can participate in the Closed Beta Test now by going to the official website!

TeeTiny Online Game Trailer

About TeeTiny Online

TeeTiny Online is a global “one server” MMORPG, where players can enjoy with adventures with players from across the world! The anime-styled MMORPG features crossplay between smartphones and PC, real-time combat, and classes depending on the weapon you wield! The game even has a real-time translation function to make it easier to communicate with people from across the world!

TeeTiny Online
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