Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars 3rd Collab Event Launches on June 30


Happy Elements’ Cacalai Studio announced the 3rd collaboration between the line strategy RPG, Merc Storia, and the rhythm and idol training game, Ensemble Stars! New characters from Ensemble Stars will be joining Merc Storia, with a new collaboration story, event store, and the return of the previous two collaboration events’ characters and event stories!

The idols are lost in a new world! While looking for a way out, the idols encounter aspiring actor Lustoa! Touched by his dreams of making his audience smile, the Idols offer on-stage support, to make his dreams come true! Everything seems to be going well, until…?!

The collaboration event begins on June 30, 15:00 [JST] and ends on July 30, 14:59 [JST].

Merc Storia

Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars New Characters

Four new characters are joining Merc Storia from Ensemble Stars! These stylish versions of Hiiro, Aira, Mayoi, and Tatsumi are available in the new collaboration scout gacha! Check out their unique outfits below!

■ Genuine Swallow Hiiro

■ Longing Love Wings Aira

■ Humbleness of Darkness Mayoi

■ Cleric of Compassion Tatsumi

Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars Event Stages

The Theatrical Company Training Camp is here! Complete event stages and quests to earn a variety of luxurious items, weapons, books, rune stones, and more! Play this event to earn the Pure Music Festival Man, Madara!

A special event stage called the “Rakuureshi” Stage is also available now! Fight bosses and increase your maximum score to earn titles, diamonds, and more!

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merc storia x ensemble star 3rd collab 004 1
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Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars Returning Content

Returning Character from the First and Second Collaboration!
Characters from the first and second Ensemble Stars Collab are back! , Tsukasa, Ritsu, Arashi, and Izumi from the first event, and Rei, Koaru, Koga, and Adonis return in their collab gachas! Meanwhile Leo and Lexhaimer are back as event collectable units, with their event quests returning allowing you to completely max out Knight King Leo, and The Light That Dwells In the Darkest Night Lexhaimer’s skills!

■ Twilight Duelist Tsukasa

■ Moonlight Vampire Ritsu

■ Silver Holy Knight Arashi

■ Ephemeral Dream Fireworks Izumi

■ Vampire Ruling Over the Night Rei

■ Clergyman of Darkness Kaoru

■ Ferocious Werewolf Koga

■ Nameless Monster Adonis

■ Knight King Leo and The Light That Dwells In the Darkness Lexhaimer

First and Second Collaboration Story Stages are back!
The first and second collab event story stages are back! Find out about the book that captured the heart of King Leo, and solve the mysteries behind the dark festival held once every 10 years!

merc storia x ensemble star 3rd collab 011 1
merc storia x ensemble star 3rd collab 012 1

Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars Login Bonus

Merc Storia is also holding a special login bonus for all players! A commemorative Free Diamond scout is available, giving you up to 100 free pulls! Players can also receive up to 6 diamonds, and rewards like the Special Maneuver books simply by logging in!

merc storia x ensemble star 3rd collab 010 1

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