Tower of Fantasy New Worldview Trailer Reveals Story Details


Level Infinite’s open-world action RPG, Tower of Fantasy released a new trailer giving us a closer look at the game’s story. The trailer shows how Shirli becomes infected with a mysterious disease and how Zeke was reluctant in killing his sister leading to the events of the world as it is, and the mysterious disaster.

Tower of Fantasy is available now for pre-registration on the game’s Official WebsiteTwitterFacebookApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam, and Epic Games Store and currently has over 1,000,000 pre-registered users. Tower of Fantasy is set to release on iOS, Android, and PC in Q3 2022, with the PC release being slightly after mobile.

Tower of Fantasy Worldview Trailer

About Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is set centuries into the future on a distant planet called Aida, where humanity migrated after Earth’s resources were depleted. This new planet suffered its own calamity thanks in part to a mysterious substance called Omnium, and the game begins after this calamity has wiped out almost all of its inhabitants.

Players can explore a vast alien world full of beautiful vistas and hostile life forms. All the characters in the game wield unique weaponry with different abilities at their disposal. Players can even quickly traverse the map with different vehicles, and play the game with friends to take on new and exciting adventures.

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Tower of Fantasy

Pre-Registration Campaign

Players can now pre-register for the game by following the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, website, or the game’s App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Epic Game Store pages.

Check out the pre-registration rewards below!

500,000: Avatar Frame, Black Nucleus x2, Wholegrain Bread x10, Gold x2888
1,000,000: Aida Trailblazer Limit Title, Black Nucleus x3, Fried Chicken x10,
Weapon Battery III x4
1,500,000: Gold Nucleus x3, Avatar: Zeke, Sizzling Meat x10, Gold x3888
2,000,000: Jetpack Paint: Orion, Gold Nucleus x3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10,
Weapon Battery III x4
2,500,000: Outfit: Star Sand, Gold Nucleus x5, Nut Tea x10, Gold x6888
(Rewards are accumulative)

Tower of Fantasy

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